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Dowsing is a treasure-seeking ability that the Goddess Sword possesses in Skyward Sword.[1]


In Dowsing mode, the Goddess Sword acts as a sort of compass to inform Link about nearby important items and help him track them down.[2] Link can choose in the Dowsing menu which specific object or person he wishes to track down. When Link is in the Dowsing mode, the camera will switch to a first-person perspective and allow the young hero to explore his surroundings. As Link gets closer to the object or person he is searching for, the sword will beep faster and faster, pointing in the direction in which it is found. Fi can obtain new Dowsing targets by scanning people and objects and focusing on the aura it produces.[3]

After Link tempers the Goddess Sword into the Goddess White Sword, its new powers can allow Link to dowse for more items.[4][5] However, Fi may only store one optional Dowsing target, and if Link selects a new one, the previous target will be erased.[6]

Dowsing Targets

Main Quest

Image Name Location Activated by
Zelda Sealed Grounds Fi scanning Link's Sailcloth.
Kikwis Faron Woods Agreeing to find all the Kikwi tribe members for Bucha.
Earth Temple Key Eldin Volcano Overhearing Ledd and Cobal's conversation outside the Earth Temple.
Power Generators Lanayru Desert Speaking to an Ancient Robot.
Windmill Propeller Skyloft Speaking to Jakamar after reviving Scrapper.
Trial Gate Isle of Songs and on top of Levias Whenever Link learns Din's Power, Nayru's Wisdom, Farore's Courage and the "Song of the Hero" to open trial gates.
Sacred Water Lake Floria Speaking to Faron
Skipper's Ship Pirate Stronghold Letting Fi scan the sails and masts inside the Pirate's Stronghold.
Water Basin Volcano Summit After finding the flaming entrance to the Fire Sanctuary dungeon, speak to the Mogma Ledd by the waterfall near the Volcano Summit.
Tadtones Faron Woods Speaking to Bucha during the Song of the Hero Quest.

Side Quests

Image Name Location Activated by
Party Wheel Fun Fun Island Speaking to Dodoh and accepting his quest after opening an entrance to Thunderhead.
Crystal Ball Skyloft Speaking to Sparrot and accepting his quest after defeating Ghirahim for a second time.
Pumpkin Patch Plower Pumpkin Landing Speaking to Kina and accepting her quest after defeating Ghirahim for a second time.
New Plant Species Skyloft Speaking to Owlan and accepting his quest after defeating Bilocyte.


Image Name Location Activated by
Speaking to Fi while having low hearts
Goddess Cubes Eldin Volcano Speaking to Gorko when he is in the Eldin Volcano region, after obtaining the Goddess White Sword.
Rupees Eldin Volcano Speaking to Cobal in the caves of Eldin Volcano (see gallery for details) after obtaining the Goddess White Sword.
Treasure Skyloft Having Gondo upgrade Link's gear after obtaining the Goddess White Sword, then choosing not to have any items upgraded.
Gratitude Crystals Skyloft Speaking to Batreaux after obtaining the Goddess White Sword.


Names in Other Regions
Détection (SS)[8]
Latin America
Rastreador (SS)[7]
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