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Din's Power is a song learned in Skyward Sword[1]

Location and Uses

Din's Power is learned on the Isle of Songs within the Thunderhead, after Nayru’s Flame has been obtained. It is used to open the Silent Realm in the Eldin Province.


Fi accompanies Link's Goddess's Harp with vocals, although their meaning is unknown.

/sʊbe̞ nebe̞ tje/
/sʊbe̞ jebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ nutje daso nuʋutje ʃe̞ba/
/sʊbe̞ nebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ jebe̞ so/
/sʊbe̞ nutje sabo ikadu inʊʋa/
/⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in ⸨d⸩in tʃa ⸨d⸩in/


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  1. "According to my records, that song you just heard is called Din's Power. Use this song of might to locate the last trial." — Fi (Skyward Sword HD)