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Peatrice is a character in Skyward Sword.[4] She runs the Item Check storage facility in the Skyloft Bazaar, where Link can store his Adventure Pouch items. She is Peater's daughter.


Fi's Commentshide ▲
Fi says:

This is Peatrice, a sweet girl whose occupation of storing items provides little intellectual stimulation. You can store items with her at the bazaar.

Due to boredom, she often daydreams of meeting her ideal male counterpart, resulting in a precipitous drop in the quality of her customer service.

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If Link shows Peatrice affection

Her name is Peatrice, and she is a sweet, kindhearted person. During the day, you can store pouch items with her at the Item Check.

Master, your interest in this young woman is clear. I can see your aura shining brightly with joy in her presence.

...I strongly recommend that you do not mention this when you next encounter Zelda.

Peatrice's job at the Item Check bores her,[5] so she spends most of her time daydreaming about the perfect man. Initially, she treats Link with indifference[6] and a slight degree of sarcasm,[7][8] but if he visits her regularly after completing the Lanayru Mining Facility, she gradually becomes more affectionate towards him.[9][10] The manner of winning her affection is to visit her in the Skyloft Bazaar once per day for a number of days. If he stops visiting her, she will revert to her indifferent personality. After visiting Peatrice enough times,[how many?] the young woman becomes more cheerful and flirtatious around Link,[11] using words like "sweetie" and "darling" to address him.[12][13] If he visits her house at night at this stage, she will ask Link how he feels about her.[14] Link can choose to tell Peatrice that he likes her,[15] or he can reject her.[16]

If he tells her that he likes her, she will reward him with five Gratitude Crystals and Fi's comment will change to confirm that Link is interested in Peatrice, and advises him not to mention her around Zelda. Peatrice will also tell Link that she understands that he is on an adventure, and promises to take care of his items and to keep their love secret until he completes his task.[17] A re-occurring habit of hers while she is infatuated of Link is to shape her hands to the form of a heart. Interestingly, her bed boards are also designed with heart shaped wood.

If he chooses to reject her, her father Peater will express gratitude that his daughter's secret suitor isn't bothering her anymore and give Link five Gratitude Crystals.[18] Incidentally, after this, upon being talked to again, Peatrice will make humorous comments about her broken heart.[19][20] She also will wonder why her father has been in such a good mood after her rejection.[21]


Since most Skyloftians are named after birds, her name seems to come from the Peacock and possibly Rectrice, tail feathers. It may also be a corruption of "Beatrice" with the reference to "peacock", much like her father's name.

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
ジャクリーヌ (Jakurīnu) (SSHD)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
賈桂琳 (Jiǎguìlín) (SSHD)
The People's Republic of China
贾桂琳 (Jiǎguìlín) (SSHD)
The French Republic
Pavelle (SS)[22]
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