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Rupin is a character in Skyward Sword.[3]


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Fi says:

This is Rupin, a crafty salesman. During the day, he sells a variety of items at his Gear Shop in the bazaar.

During the night, he buys treasures, but only the treasures he has decided to buy on that night.

Rupin runs the Gear Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar, where he sells Link a variety of items, including Shields, Deku Seeds, Bombs, Seed Satchels, Bomb Bags, Quivers, and Arrows. When first confronted, he will greet Link, referring to him as "friend" thereafter.[4] Rupin states that his shop has the finest merchandise,[5] and invites Link to savor his products, as he has supposedly prepared it all just for the hero.[6] He then tells Link not to hesitate if he has any questions.[7] Although, if Link attempts to purchase something and doesn't have the appropriate bag to carry it in, or the weapon needed to use the product, Rupin will refuse.[8][9] Rupin will follow Link around the shop, and if the hero walks away he will slump forward and sigh. If Link views an item and doesn't buy it, Rupin will scowl before quickly regaining his usual expression, telling Link it is alright and to continue his time in the shop.[10]

At night, Rupin can be seen in his home in the residential district on the south-eastern part of Skyloft. In contrast to his assumed personality during the day, Rupin behaves rudely towards Link at night.[11] He will also buy randomly selected Treasures at his night market.[12]

Treasure Prices

Item Price

Amber Relic

Ancient Flower

Bird Feather

Blue Bird Feather
100 Rupees

Dusk Relic

Eldin Ore

Evil Crystal

Goddess Plume
100 Rupees

Golden Skull
100 Rupees

Hornet Larvae

Jelly Blob

Lizard Tail

Monster Claw

Monster Horn

Ornamental Skull



It is possible that Rupin is named after the robin. The variation is likely a play on words between the name "Rubin" and the word "Rupee."

Names in Other Regions
コーキン (Kōkin) (SSHD) 
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
科金 (Kējīn) (SSHD) 
The People's Republic of China
科金 (Kējīn) (SSHD)[14] 
The French Republic
Arpignon (SS)[13]From "argent" (money) and "pigeon", the latter being a slang for naive customers.
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