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Mounted Miniblins are Enemies in Spirit Tracks.[1]


Mounted Miniblins are Miniblins that ride atop Armos. They are first encountered during Link's second visit to the Tower of Spirits, on the sixth floor. At first, these Miniblins seem invulnerable to attacks as neither Link nor Phantom Zelda can cause damage to them, and getting too close will cause the Armos they ride atop to produce harmful spikes from its base. Mounted Miniblins can be defeated by attacking it with the Sword while standing on Phantom Zelda's shield, or they can be knocked onto the ground and rendered dizzy for a few seconds by using the Whirlwind on it from an elevated position. Once the Miniblin recovers, it will make no attempt to attack Link, and simply run back to its position on top of the Armos. When a Mounted Miniblin is defeated, the Armos it rides on will self-destruct in an explosion.


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