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The Boss Blin is a character and Enemy in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[1]


The Boss Blin is a powerful Stone Blin that appears in the "A New Disturbance" Scenario as the leader of the monster forces trying to take over the Forsaken Fortress from the Helmaroc King. After driving the Giant Bird away, the Boss Blin starts summoning Ruffians from the three outer Keeps of the Fortress to attack the Hyrulean Forces' Allied Base in Windfall Island. After acknowledging the outer Keeps are under the Hyrulean Forces' control, the Boss Blin will then summon a Gohma to attack the Allied Base, making it a priority to defeat. Once Gohma is defeated, the Boss Blin will become enraged and will not flinch from regular attacks.

When defeated, the Boss Blin may drop Stone Blin Bucklers or Stone Blin Helmets as its Bronze and Silver Materials, respectively.


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