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Spear Moblins are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2] They are a named variant of the Moblin that uses spears to attack. Depending on the game, they may either charge at Link with their spears or throw them as javelins.

Most Moblins in the series use spears or javelins as their main choice of weapon, such as those in The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. In the latter, one variety is referred to as Boarblins.


Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

In Four Swords, Spear Moblins carry large spears with them they use to attack. They greatly resemble the Moblins of the successor game The Wind Waker, but differ as they charge at the Links with their spears rather than engage in full combat. Whenever they see one of the Links, they will sprint to gain momentum and then rush straight ahead with their spears pointed forwards. Their spears are able to parry the Links' Swords, so it is advised that they be attacked from behind. They can also be stunned with the Boomerang. Spear Moblins often appear in groups, and appear in the Sea of Trees and Vaati's Palace. In Four Swords Anniversary Edition, they also appear in the Realm of Memories and the Hero's Trial.

Bow Moblins also appear in Four Swords, which otherwise look identical but carry Bows instead.

The Minish Cap

Spear Moblins will charge at Link with their spears when they spot him in The Minish Cap. They appear in the Western Wood, Trilby Highlands, and occasionally in Simon's Simulations. Although their Figurine claims that they can be found in Minish Woods, they do not actually appear there.

Dark blue Spear Moblins appear in Dark Hyrule Castle. They are functionally identical as the ordinary brown variant. A pair of dark blue Spear Moblins also appear in North Hyrule Field; they are summoned by Vaati after Link infuses the White Sword with the Earth and Fire Elements and exits Hyrule Castle.

According to the Swordsman Newsletter, defeating them is a good source of income,[3] however, this is not necessarily true.[how?]

As with Four Swords, Bow Moblins also appear in The Minish Cap.


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The Italian Republic
Grublin con Lancia (FS)[4]Moblin with Spear
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