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The Hero's Trial is a Stage in Four Swords Anniversary Edition.[1]

Entrance to the Realm

The Hero's Trial appears once either five Medals of Courage or 30,000 total Rupees have been obtained. Initially a rock spire on the eastern coast of Hyrule, lightning strikes the area to reveal a sword-like structure.

Like Vaati's Palace, the Hero's Trial entrance has three color-coded doors. However, each door has a unique set of non-randomized levels. Initially, only the silver and golden doors are visible, and the silver door must be completed first.[2]

Once the golden door has been completed, a shutter will open to reveal the third and final door.[2]

Themes and Navigation

The Hero's Trial is themed on alternate versions of each of the four main Stages. The door levels are based on Sea of Trees, Talus Cave, and Death Mountain, respectively, with every door's third and final level being an alternate version of Vaati's Palace.

The levels are longer and significantly more difficult than all other Stages, though they do not contain Bosses. There is a notable focus on combat within non-trivial rooms and environments in between puzzle or platforming segments. Such fights are typically activated via Big Switch to ensure all Links are present. Unlike other Stages, Items are not kept across levels.

To commemorate the series's 25th anniversary, a "25" design appears in certain level areas.

Silver Door

The silver door is based on a snowy version of Sea of Trees. The first level heavily uses Holes hidden beneath leaf piles and involves using Bombs to attack Enemies behind short walls. There are also sections with numerous Spiny Beetles hidden among groups of bushes. The second level focuses on using the Boomerang and Bow to clear bushes, activate Switches, and defeat Enemies. Segments also combine this with moving Platforms and Four-Directional Platforms.

The third level uses the Pegasus Shoes to navigate over ramps and across Ice. The latter half of the level involves backtracking as numerous Holes appear alongside respawning Flying Floors. Periodically-placed Eyeball Switches must be activated using the Bow to create bridges across newly-formed gaps.

The 25th Anniversary pattern is presented in Grass at the end of level 1, located beyond the Warp Zones.


Minor Enemies and Traps

Golden Door

The golden door is based on a dark purple version of Talus Cave. The first level relies on the use of the Gnat Hat to maneuver across series of tiny moving Platforms and between small rooms. The second level focuses on the use of the Shield to slowly move cross narrow Ice floors.

There is a hidden Cracked Wall at the end of the first Ice path that has the same appearance as a normal wall. It serves as a one-way shortcut that skips a portion of the level, and requires that a Bomb randomly spawns from cutting a nearby bush.

The third level is based on precise movements across narrow areas surrounded by Holes. Blade Traps and fans that blow Wind also dot the landscape. Combat rooms are often crowded with Enemies and have Holes on one or more sides of the room. The final combat consists of six Spiny Beetles, six Stalchildren, and two Bow Moblins, followed by four more Spiny Beetles, four Fire Wizzrobes, and a Ball and Chain Soldier.

The 25th Anniversary pattern is presented in color-specific tiles in the middle of level 2. The tiles are invisible to Links of a non-matching color.


Minor Enemies and Traps

Hero's Door

The hero's door is based on a desaturated purple version of Death Mountain. The first level requires the Roc's Cape for precise platforming over Lava and Holes. It culminates with minor backtracking past Ball and Chain Soldiers and several Stalchildren. The second level has a non-linear progression through six locked rooms and uses various Items for each section.

The third level is a series of rooms with groups of Enemies trapped behind short walls and Flying Floors. The Boomerang and Bow are used to detonate Bombarossa before the Flying Floors are exhausted and the Enemies are released. The final combat consists of eight Eyegores followed by five Ball and Chain Soldiers and four Darknuts.

Completion of the hero's door rewards the Links with the ability to use the Hurricane Spin.[3] This is reflected on the File-Selection Screen with a Hurricane Spin icon.

The 25th Anniversary pattern is presented in grated platforms near the end of level 1.


Minor Enemies and Traps


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