Goron Mines

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The Goron Mines are the second Dungeon in Twilight Princess.[1]

Entrance to the Mines

In pursuit of the second Fused Shadow, Link must enter the Mines through a passage in Death Mountain, which he can only access after defeating Gor Coron in a Sumo Wrestlin' match using the Iron Boots.

Themes and Navigation

A magnetic crane

The Goron Mines are notable for featuring several forms of advanced technology. It deploys several complex machines that operate to keep the place functional, including magnetic cranes, which Link can take advantage of to explore the Dungeon. The insides of the Mines are also filled with Lava and Flame geysers; to avoid them, Link must use his Iron Boots to stick to magnetized platforms and walls. Link does not need to worry about the temperature, despite the hot environment. Due to its high temperature, the Mines are inhabited by several fire-based Enemies. Despite this, some rooms in the Mines are filled with water.

Link must seek out the three Village Elders within the Mines - Gor Amoto, Gor Ebizo, and Gor Liggs - in order to piece together a shattered Big Key which will allow Link into the final chamber, where the Goron Patriarch, Darbus, was imprisoned after being transformed into the Twilit Igniter Fyrus. The Dungeon has two floors and contains many large rooms, some with walkways over massive pools of Lava. The Middle Boss guarding the Hero's Bow is a large Goron named Dangoro. There are two Pieces of Heart that Link can obtain in the Dungeon.

Towards the end of the Dungeon is an open area that is flooded with water. It is crisscrossed with scaffolding manned by Bulblin Archers. On the uppermost walkway in the northeast corner of the area is a Treasure Chest containing a Purple Rupee (or a Stamp in Twilight Princess HD) that can only be reached after retrieving the Clawshot from the Lakebed Temple later on.

Minor Enemies



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴロン鉱山 (Goron Kōzan) Same as English.
France FrenchEU Mine Goron Goron Mine
Germany German Mine der Goronen Mine of the Gorons
Italy Italian Miniera Goron
Spain SpanishEU Minas de los Goron Gorons' Mines


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