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The Shoqa Tatone Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name A Modest Test of Strength,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Shoqa Tatone Shrine is located on Puffer Beach in the Faron Grasslands. It is initially buried beneath the ground, though there is a Pedestal with a Concave Slot and an Ancient Orb nearby. Complicating matters, the Ancient Orb is being cuddled by Loone, who has named it Roscoe and is very affectionate towards it.[2] When Loone realizes that Link is watching and wants the Ancient Orb, Loone insists that she would never give it up.[3]

Loone almost immediately confesses to lying, saying what she really wants to see is Guardians.[4] She wants to see many Guardians, not just the rusted ones found on Puffer Beach.[5] If she ever does get to see these Guardians, Loone hints that she might leave Roscoe, but due to the danger, she doubts this will ever happen.[6] This begins the "Guardian Slideshow" Shrine Quest.

For the Shrine Quest, Link must use the Camera Rune to take Pictures of a Guardian Skywatcher,[7] a Guardian Scout,[8] and a Guardian Stalker.[9] After showing Loone the Pictures, Link can ask her for Roscoe, and Loone will allow him to take it.[10]

Link can then place the Ancient Orb is the Pedestal's Concave Slot.[11] This causes Shoqa Tatone Shrine to emerge from the sand of Puffer Beach, completing the Shrine Quest.[12] As Link enters the Ancient Shrine, he is greeted by its Monk, Shoqa Tatone.[13]

Themes and Navigation

When Link enters Shoqa Tatone Shrine, a Guardian Scout III, wielding a Guardian Shield+ and a Guardian Spear+, will emerge from below. To complete the trial, Link must defeat the Guardian Scout III.

Upon defeat, the Guardian Scout III will drop its weaponry, and the portcullis to continue towards the Monk's Pedestal will open. Shoqa Tatone commends Link for overcoming the trial, and they award him with a Spirit Orb as a reward.[14] Afterwards, Shoqa Tatone wishes Link well before fading away.[15]

Beyond the portcullis is a Treasure Chest which contains a Royal Broadsword.

Minor Enemies



Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Tempel van Shoqa Tatone[17]Temple of Shoqa Tatone
Latin America
Santuario de Tayanke[16]Tayanke Shrine
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