Village of the Blue Maiden

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The Village of the Blue Maiden is a Stage in Four Swords Adventures.[1]

Themes and Navigation

The Village of the Blue Maiden is the second Stage of Eastern Hyrule. The Village contains no Enemies other than the pair of Shadow Links as its Boss. The many inhabitants of the area provide an altogether different experience, as much of the level consists of completing various tasks for Village residents. The Moon Pearl and Dark World are introduced here. Most of the children of the Village seem to be trapped in the Dark World, and thus a guild of secret agents, known as the Seeker's Guild, are investigating the mages in connection with the disappearance of the children.

Near the entrance of the Village, the Links can call Kaepora Gaebora to roost on a Sign. Kaepora Gaebora asks Link if he is now able to wield the Four Sword, a sacred Sword with the power to strike down Darkness.[2] He explains that the Four Sword allows its wielder to see into the Dark World.[3] The owl warns Link that the people of the Village are disappearing for unknown reasons, speculating that the Dark World may be drawing them into it.[4] He instructs Link to save the villagers and defeat the Darkness plaguing them.[5]

Minigames in the Village of the Blue Maiden:





Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Village de la Jeune fille bleue[7] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Dorf der Trauermaid[8]Village of the Mourning Maiden
The Italian Republic
Villaggio della Vergine Blu[6]Blue Maiden's Village
The Kingdom of Spain
Pueblo de Azuncella[9] 
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