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Whittleton is a location in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Features and Overview

Whittleton is a village located within the Forest Realm. The village is the home of several bachelor lumberjacks,[2] who cut down trees and sell the wood for money.[3] Everyone in Whittleton respects the forest for what it provides to the village, so for every tree they cut down, they plant a new one to replace it.[4]

Link first arrives at Whittleton after retrieving the Forest Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits. Here, the young hero must speak to Dovok, the village's chief, in the northern part of the area and ask him how to get to the Forest Sanctuary and thus be able to meet to Gage, the Lokomo guardian of the Forest Realm. The chief tells Link to go through a path in the west called the Lost Woods, a path that the village locals usually take to reach the sanctuary.[5] However, he advises the young hero to speak to the villagers first so that they can tell Link all he needs to know to be able to get through the woods.[6] The villagers will tell him to pay attention to the Tree branches of the Lost Woods, except for the fourth Tree, which has "no sense of direction".[7]

Later in the game, Link can also bring Dovok to Papuchia Village so that he can marry the Dating Woman there. This will result in Link receiving a Force Gem as a sign of gratitude for bringing the two together.

The village is also known for its abundance of treasure, hidden under the numerous Piles of Leaves scattered about the small village, including Demon Fossils, Bee Larvae, and Wood Hearts. These small piles can be easily blown apart by the Whirlwind, revealing the contents beneath, if any. Moreover, a nearby store operated by Uriko also sells some of these common treasures for a price of 50 Rupees each.

There is a man southwest of the place who sells Lumber for just 50 Rupees. Link must bring this man five pieces of Goron Iron so that he can forge himself a new axe. In return, he'll give Link a Force Gem as a sign of gratitude.


Minor Enemies


  • Each of the Houses in Whittleton, except for the shop, has a painting of 3 leaves.


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The People's Republic of China
伐木村 (Fámù cūn)[14] 
La Foresterai[13]The Forestary
The French Republic
Village Boquillon[11]Boquillon Village
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Villagio Floriglioso[8] 
Latin America
Aldea Floral 
The Kingdom of Spain
Aldea Floral[12] 
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