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Horon Village is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

Horon Village is a Village located along the southern edge of Holodrum, being the larger of the two Human settlements in the country. Link, upon landing in Holodrum and being attacked by Onox, is soon directed there by Impa.[2] He enters in search of the Maku Tree, who resides within the Village behind the Maku Tree Gate, and from there begins his quest to recover all eight Essences of Nature.

Due to Onox's sinking of the Temple of Seasons, the Seasons in Holodrum are thrown into chaos, causing much confusion and distress for Horon Village's residents.[3][4]

Horon Village acts as a hub for Link during his quest, housing important locations such as Stockwell's Horon Village Shop and Advance Shop, as well as Vasu's Vasu Jewelers. The former two make up two of only three locations in Holodrum where Link can buy goods, the last being Syrup's Potion Shop. Once Link has gathered all eight Essences of Nature, it is where he receives the Huge Maku Seed, necessary to dispel the barrier surrounding the Northern Peak.

Link is, at first, unable to open the Maku Tree Gate as he lacks a Sword.[5][6] As such, he will have to venture to the Western Coast, and find the Wooden Sword hidden away in the Hero's Cave. In a Linked Game, Link begins with the Wooden Sword and thus will be able to open the Gate right away.

Near the Village's western exit, leading to the Western Coast, is a duplex of two buildings. The westernmost is the Know-It-All Birds' Hut, where the Know-It-All Birds reside. When spoken to, they will give Link tips to help him on his adventure.[7] The easternmost building is the Advance Shop, only accessible if the game is being played on a Game Boy Advance. It is a secondary Shop run by Stockwell, selling the exclusive GBA Nature Ring among other commodities. South of the duplex, a woman works on her field of crops. She worries that the trouble with the Seasons will impact her yearly harvest.[8] TO the east, a child plays with a Blast Bloom in the Spring.[9]

The Fountain at Horon Village's center

South from there, at the Village's center, an ornate Fountain stands. A man stands there and paints on an easel, in a Linked Game kept company by a woman who will tell Link the Fairy Secret.[10] Unlike most of Horon Village's residents, the painter is unperturbed by Onox's tampering with the Seasons, instead enjoying the diverse scenery it creates.[11] The Fountain on three sides by the Horon Village Shop, the Vasu Jewelers, and the Clock Shop. The latter is involved in the Trading Game, housing Tick Tock, whom Link must bring the Wooden Bird in exchange for the Engine Grease. Vasu Jewelers, run by Vasu, is where Link can do anything pertaining to Magic Rings: appraisal, selection, obtaining a Ring Secret, or trading via a Game Boy Link Cable.

Horon Village's Ember Tree

Horon Village is run by Mayor Ruul, who lives in Mayor Ruul's Residence to the east of the Village's northern entrance. He is presently fascinated with Gasha Nuts,[12] and will gift Link one to plant in the Planting Spot outside his home.[13] Just south of Mayor Ruul's Residence is a Piece of Heart blocked by a Sapling.[14] Southeast of there is Horon Village's eastern exit, flanked by the sleepy Sokra the Prophet and a boy playing with his Dog Flash. The eastern exit is initially blocked by Saplings, thus barring Link from entering the Eastern Suburbs until he obtains the Seed Satchel from the Gnarled Root Dungeon.[15] Southwest of the exit is an Ember Tree, and to the east of that is the Biologist's Home where Dr. Left lives. This is where the Trading Game begins, as he gives Link the Cuccodex once he lights a Torch for him. Near the Biologist's Home are three Saplings, the middle of which, when burned away, reveals a Cave containing an Old Man who will gift Link 100 Rupees.[16]

To the west of there is Horon Village's Tree Stump, next to the entrance to the Warp Cave. Within is a Portal to the House of Pirates in Subrosia.[17] It is only accessible once a Switch within the Cave has been activated, only reachable from the Subrosian side.[17] West of there is Bipin's & Blossom's House, where Bipin and Blossom live with their son, Bipsom. Link can help raise their child, starting from infancy in a Normal Game, or continuing with his prior choices in a Linked Game. Further west is a small bluff with a Treasure Chest and several Rock Mushrooms.


Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

East of the Biologist's Home, behind a Cracked Wall and a pool of Water
Worth 20 Rupees

Treasure Chest

West of Bipin's & Blossom's House, behind several Rock Mushrooms
Worth 20 Rupees

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

East of the Biologist's Home, behind a Cracked Wall and a pool of Water
Worth 20 Rupees

West of Bipin's & Blossom's House, behind several Rock Mushrooms
Worth 20 Rupees



Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
荷隆村 (Hélóng cūn)[21] 
The Italian Republic
  • Horon Country
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Other Names

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