Mayor Ruul's Residence

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This article is about the location in Oracle of Seasons. For the location in Oracle of Ages, see Mayor Plen's House. For the location in Majora's Mask, see Mayor's Residence.

Mayor Ruul's Residence is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

Mayor Ruul's Residence is located in the northeastern area of Horon Village. It is a wide house with a red roof and two chimneys. Mayor Ruul's yard consists of a fence and a Planting Spot. Just inside the house is a woman who will describe Mayor Ruul's current hobby to Link: planting and growing Gasha Seeds. To the east, Mayor Ruul stands near two Beds. He will describe his position in Horon Village and passion for Gasha Seeds to Link if prompted.[2] On the room's east edge is a portion of Cracked Wall. Should Link blow it up with a Bomb, he will be able to enter a small side room containing a Gasha Seed.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Residenza del Sindaco Ruul[3]Same as English.
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