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The Eastern Suburbs is a location east of Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons.[name references needed] It connects the village to the Woods of Winter to the north and the Samasa Desert to the south. Upon Link's first visit to the suburbs, he encounters Rosa, whom he follows into Subrosia for the first time. Guru-Guru can be found here playing his phonograph next to the Windmill.


At the beginning of Link's adventure, the suburbs are blocked by several saplings. Using Ember Seeds, he can burn these out of the way and gain access to the suburbs.[1] The only notable landmark in the area is the Windmill, which sits on a steep hill in the center of the area. Link can enter the hill through an opening at its foot. The interior appears to be fully furnished, with staircases leading to the top where Guru-Guru and the Windmill are located. There is also a second entrance which can only be reached during winter. This leads to an unfurnished section of the cave which houses a Piece of Heart.[2]

There is an entrance to cave atop a bluff in the northeastern area of the suburbs. By changing the season to spring, Link can use a Blast Bloom to reach the top of the bluff.[3] Inside the cave is a Treasure Chest across a large gap and an "S" Stone which can be used to cross it when paired with the Magnetic Gloves.



After Link discovers Subrosia

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

Across the pit in the cave above the Blast Bloom
Only accessible with the Magnetic Gloves in Spring

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

Across the pit in the cave above the Blast Bloom
Only accessible with the Magnetic Gloves in Spring


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Periferia Est[4]East Outskirts
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