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This article is about the character in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. For the character in The Wind Waker, see Rose.

Rosa is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


Oracle of Seasons

Rosa is an orange-cloaked, ribbon-wearing Subrosian first met after finishing the Gnarled Root Dungeon. As Link begins his search for the Rod of Seasons, he stumbles across Rosa, who is shouting about the Temple of Seasons falling into Subrosia. As she does not want people following her back to Subrosia, Rosa does her best to make sure nobody follows her.

Later on, Link meets Rosa again, giving her a new ribbon as she had recently lost hers.[2] Grateful, Rosa decides that she will go out with Link, enabling him to use her key to unlock locked doors across Subrosia, including the Tower of Summer.[4] Afterwards, Rosa will follow Link around Subrosia anytime he asks her. She will not, however, leave Subrosia, leaving Link if he does so. She will also leave if Link enters the Treasure Grove, the House of Pirates, or the sidesrolling tunnel to the Tower of Spring.[5]

Rosa is considered very attractive among their race.[6] Many Subrosians express shock, or jealousy if Link talks to them while traveling with Rosa.[7]

Oracle of Ages

In a Linked Game, Rosa appears on Crescent Island. She helps Link get his Shovel back from the Tokay. However, she will not follow Link around, telling him her trip's theme is that of "the independent woman."[8] She later appears at the Goron Dance Hall in Rolling Ridge, where she comments that she believes the Subrosian Dance is cooler.[9]


The name Rosa is a Latin variation of the word Rose, which is a type of flower.[10] It also means "dew" in the Slavic languages.[11]

Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
丽拉 (Lì lā) (OoS | OoA)[14][15]丽 (Beautiful) is the simplified Hanzi character for 麗, the Japanese Kanji character that corresponds to Rosa's Japanese name ウララ (Urara). 丽 is also a pun on 里 (Hidden), the equivalent simplified character for 裏, the Japanese Kanji that corresponds to the Japanese name of the Subrosian race.
The Italian Republic
Rosa (OoS | OoA)[12][13]
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Other Names

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