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The Treasure Grove is an area on the southwestern edge of Subrosia in Oracle of Seasons.[1] The Strange Brothers, who use the grove as their backyard, take Roc's Feather from Link and bury it here.


The Treasure Grove is part of a wooded area in western Subrosia that also includes the Subrosian Wilds to the north. The two areas are isolated by a narrow outcrop of rock and a solid line of Subrosian trees running east-west. Another line of trees perpendicular to the first splits the grove down the middle, running southwards until the grove gives way to rocky coastline. One must go down to the shore to get around to the other side of the grove. To the northeast, the Strange Brothers' House forms a bridge over the lava pool between the grove and Subrosia Village. Thus the only way to enter the Treasure Grove is through the house.

The grove's adjacency to wilderness suggests that it may be a part of the woods that is tended by the Strange Brothers.

Buried Treasure

The Strange Brothers spend their time surreptitiously burying treasure at a specific spot in the grove, hence its name. When Link arrives in Subrosia from the Portal on Mt. Cucco, the brothers take Roc's Feather from him – forcibly "trading" Fool's Ore for it – and run off to bury it in the grove.[2] To retrieve the Feather, Link must pursue them into the grove while taking care not to be seen by the brothers, who are wary of being followed.[3] The hero must hide behind trees and large rocks as the brothers move from their house down to the shore, around to the west side of the grove, up to a dead end and, finally, loop back to their treasure spot. If Link is caught during the pursuit, the brothers run away and the event restarts at the entrance to the grove.[4][5] If Link is successful, he sees the Strange Brothers bury their treasure and run off in search of more.[6] The young hero can then retrieve Roc's Feather with his Shovel.

This event is repeated every time Link enters the Strange Brothers' house. After the incident with Roc's Feather, they randomly bury Gasha Seeds, Magic Rings, or gold Ore Chunks.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Bosco del Tesoro[7]Treasure Forest
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