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Shutoy Lake is a location in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] It is unlocked after completing Ahitaru.

Features and Overview

Shutoy Lake is a large lake in southwestern Gamelon, as well as the island's largest body of water. It is surrounded by the dense woodlands of the region. The most notable feature of the Lake is a tall, red tower that stands on an islet in the center. It is there that the minion Wizzrobe has made his lair. The Lake is also home to a village on the shore, now abandoned and ruined by the Arpagos and Dodongos of the area. Zelda enters the Lake from the village.

The village consists of several raised huts, one of which is inhabited by Moblin Spearthrowers. Another has been completely destroyed and houses a Key. The Key opens another hut that stands over the pier, where Impa is taking shelter. She reveals that Lady Alma was captured by Wizzrobe and is being held captive in the tower.[2] The same hut has another door leading to the next section, which opens to the Lake front. There Arkadais patrol the water, which are ridden to the tower. Spearfish also inhabit the Lake and actively try to attack Zelda.

The tower is enclosed around a keep. No steps or ladders are provided, and instead red bricks pushed out of the walls are used to climb the tower. Chunks of Falling Rocks from above try to impede Zelda's progress. At the very top of the tower is the watch post, where a door leading inside is found. The first room is pitch dark, and has a large pit close to the entrance that is concealed in the darkness. The door at the bottom leads to the second room, where Jawbees appear to attack Zelda. A Moblin Spearthrower eventually also appears, which drops Key to the next door after it is defeated.

Zelda faces Wizzrobe in the next room. Upon his defeat, he drops the Key to Lady Alma's prison. A stone wall blocking the stairs is used as the last measure in keeping Lady Alma imprisoned, but is destroyed with a Bomb. In gratitude for rescuing her, she gives Zelda the Canteen that Link originally gave her. A Triforce Map then appears at the end of the tower. After completing the stage, Reesong Palace is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps


Names in Other Regions
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