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Talus Lake is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Features and Overview

Talus Lake is located at the top of Talus Peaks in the past. It does not exist in the present, as it has dried up over time and only a small pool remains. A small pool of deep water can be found in the northeastern corner of the Lake. By Diving in this small pool, Link can discover an underwater cave that leads to Tokkey's House. Here, Tokkey is researching a tune that can advance Time.[2] However, he is stumped by a riddle stating that "echoes produce waves".[2] In order to solve this riddle, Link must play the "Tune of Echoes" in front of Tokkey. Upon hearing the Song, Tokkey finds the inspiration to finish his research and dances on his desks while singing.[3] When he is done, he teaches Link the "Tune of Currents".[4]

A raised ledge covers the northwestern portion of the Lake. By lifting a Rock on this ledge, Link can uncover a Planting Spot for Gasha Seeds. This ledge is only accessibly by visiting the corresponding spot on the Talus Peaks in the present and playing the "Tune of Ages" to return to the past.





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The Italian Republic
Lago Talus[5]Same as English.
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