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Eyeglass Pond,[1] also called Eyeglass Lake,[2][3] is a region of North Horon in Oracle of Seasons. The region is named after a lake in the area, which features two parallel islands resembling a pair of eyeglasses. The first Portal to Subrosia can be found here, as well as the fifth dungeon, Unicorn's Cave, and the Square Jewel in a Linked Game.

Features andd Overview

Unicorn's Cave

Link first enters Eyeglass Lake when finding his way to Subrosia for the first time. Link follows Rosa from the Eastern Suburbs to a small, enclosed area of Eyeglass Lake to the northeast where the Portal is located. Later on, Link obtains the Roc's Feather from the Snake's Remains, which enables him to jump over some pitfalls and explore the area proper. The lake freezes over in winter, allowing the young hero to reach the opposite shore. Here, there is a second, smaller lake right next to the first one. In the northeastern corner is the entrance to Unicorn Cave, which is barred by three Rock Mushrooms. After fully restoring power to the Rod of Seasons, Link can use the nearby Tree Stump to change the season to autumn and pick up the ripened mushrooms. There is a patch of soil north of the stump.

The westernmost island on the lake is connected to North Horon by a bridge. On this island surrounded by pitfalls there is a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed. Once Link obtains the Zora's Flippers, he can swim to the other island, which is guarded by a Piranha. There is a second portal to Subrosia on this island; it allows him to reach a new area of Subrosia and obtain the Power of Autumn for the Rod of Seasons,[4] which is needed to enter Unicorn's Cave.

The lake dries up in summer, revealing the entrance to two caves on the lakebed (one in each lake). The cave in the larger lake must be blasted open with a Bomb.[5] It contains a Treasure Chest with 100 Rupees inside. In a Linked Game, the Square Jewel appears instead.[6] The other cave in the smaller lake is hidden under a rock. It holds another Treasure Chest which contains a Piece of Heart.[7]



  • The twin islands of Eyeglass Lake may be a reference to Spectacle Rock, given its Japanese name, メガネ池 (Spectacle Pond).


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Lago Binocolo[8]Binoculars Lake
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