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Ordon Village is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.(TP)[1] It is a simple village and Link's hometown south of Hyrule, just south of the Faron Woods. It is not technically considered part of Hyrule.[2][3] Its existence largely depends upon agriculture and ranching.[4][5] It is here that Link's adventure to save Hyrule begins and is where he was brought up as a ranch-hand prior to the events of the game. A chance encounter with King Bulblin and his Bulblin subordinates sends the young hero on a quest that would begin with the rescue of his friends and ultimately expand to saving all of Hyrule.

Features and Overview

Twilight Princess

The village is a small annex to Hyrule located in the Ordona Province that is located across a vast gorge from the neighboring Faron Province. Near the village is the spring of the Light Spirit known as Ordona, the deity responsible for guarding the entire Ordona Province. Link works here as a ranch-hand and serves as the protege of the village Mayor, Mayor Bo, the father of Link's childhood friend Ilia. The village is shown to be located in a small, forested area with a large pool of water nearby and a small stream flowing through it and powering a waterwheel on one of the village structures. Just outside the main village is the Ordon Ranch where Link assists Fado with shepherding the Ordon Goats that are raised there. The village also has a shop known as Sera's Sundries that sells an array of different items and acts as the primary source of supplies for the village. Link's small treehouse is located on the opposite side of the village from the Ordon Ranch and is located on the only path leading out of the village to reach the Faron Province.

Link is tasked by Rusl with delivering the Ordon Sword to the Royal Family of Hyrule at Hyrule Castle, as an offering from the village to the Hyrulean royalty.[6] On the day Link is scheduled to depart for Hyrule Castle, his horse, Epona, is injured in a jumping exercise at the Ordon Ranch, causing Ilia to scold Link for his carelessness and take Epona to the Ordon Spring to treat her wound.[7] Link follows her there and, after Ilia and the Ordon children are kidnapped by King Bulblin and his Bulblin minions, the young hero departs the village in order to begin his quest of bringing them back.

Link returns to the village shortly after his escape with a strange impish creature named Midna and is tasked by her with finding a sword and shield to combat Zant's forces.[8] Link is forced to go on a stealth mission to recover the Ordon Sword and the Ordon Shield in order to progress forward in his quest. Taking advantage of the village's presently poor security and the obliviousness of his fellow villagers to his presence, he is able to successfully retrieve the items from both Jaggle & Pergie's House and Rusl, Uli & Colin's House.[9][10] He would later return to the village also to learn how Bo bested the Gorons and thus earned their respect so as to progress in his adventure on Death Mountain.[11] Bo teaches Link the art of sumo-wrestling and gives him the Iron Boots at this point, an invaluable item that would prove essential in traversing the mountain.[12] Link is also able to visit the village at any point during his adventure, though not much beyond the aforementioned events happen there for the remainder of the game.

During the ending credits, the children and Ilia return to the village as Link rides away on a new adventure after returning the Master Sword to its resting place.

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

Bo's House in Level 1 of Link's Crossbow Training

In Link's Crossbow Training, Ordon Village appears in two Stages. Link shoots Targets, Ordon Pumpkins, Scarecrows, balloons, and more during these stages. Both occurrences of Ordon Village are simple, lined-up target shooting practices; thereby do not include any threatening enemies as other stages do.

The first appearance in Ordon Target Practice, the first Stage in Level 1, begins with an overview of the village. As the introductory area, the village's targets are large, obvious, and stationary. The targets show up slowly and do not disappear as quickly as in later stages. The view then zooms to the front of Mayor Bo's house. Targets again spring up slowly and the main change is that other interactive bonus targets such as the door, pots, and signs are more likely to be hit, thus introducing players to experiment with shooting various objects. After the last camera change, the level ends in a pumpkin patch between Mayor Bo's and Jaggle's home. In this final area, a lone Cucco is the only thing appearing to subtract points when shot. Alternatively, the stage could end beside Jaggle's home, but facing the lake. This scenario is only unlocked by shooting the scarecrows eight times, then bursting the pumpkin-head for 1000 points in the stage.

The second appearance of the village in Ordon Target Practice 2, the first Stage in Level 6, pans in a complete circle from Sera's Sundries. This stage has the targets much more active and mobile. Targets zip along clothes lines running in the background and can only be hit between gaps in the earthen pillars, homes, or trees. Many of the targets evidently prompt others to appear after being hit. The most noticeable example being the target centered on the waterwheel of Jaggle's home, which sets the wheel spinning and has new targets on its spokes.


  • Behind Rusl's and Uli's house, there is a secret orange Rupee that can be reached with the Gale Boomerang.
  • Ordon Village was originally developed as a demo for E3 2006. The most radical change that developer Shigeru Miyamoto made to the game was to actually include it in the game. He also made a three day-schedule for the player to get familiar with different gameplay mechanics.[13]
  • Encyclopedia brings up the theory that Ordon Village might be related to Outset Island in The Wind Waker, pointing out the relative position of Outset in relation to the Twilight Princess map.[14]


The Japanese name for Ordon Village, トアル村 (Toaru Mura), is a pun on the Japanese words, とある村 (Toaru mura), meaning "a certain village". This applies to the Korean name of Ordon Village, 어디르 마을 (Eodireu Ma'eul), which contains the word 어디 (Eodi), meaning "where", and 어느 마을 (Eoneu Ma'eul), meaning "a certain village". The English name "Ordon" may similarly be a pun on "ordinary village".

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トアル村 (Toaru Mura) Toaru Village
French-speaking countries French Toal
Germany German Ordon Dorf
Italy Italian Villaggio Tauro
Korea Korean 어디르 마을 (Eodireu Ma'eul) Odir Village
Spain SpanishEU Ordon



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