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The Tail Cave is the first Dungeon in Link's Awakening.[2]

Entrance to the Tail Cave

The entrance to the Dungeon is located South of the Village and north of Toronbo Shores.[3] In order to open the gate and enter the Dungeon, Link needs to insert the Tail Key found in the Mysterious Forest into the Tail Keyhole which is located in the central Mini-Moldorm statue in front of the Tail Cave.[4] Doing so will cause the bars blocking the entrance to rise up, allowing entry.

Themes and Navigation

Link obtaining Roc's Feather within the Tail Cave

The Dungeon appears to be carved into a cave of pink-colored stone with a floor made up of blue and grey stone. Like other Dungeons in Link's Awakening, Tail Cave is shaped in accordance to its name, resembling Moldorm.[1] It contains 25 different screens and four underground ones which can be accessed by using staircases. Among those rooms, one of them is dedicated to defeating Three-of-a-Kind, while another one holds a Secret Seashells but must first be blasted open using a Bomb.

Deep within Tail Cave, Link comes across Rolling Bones, a Boss that attacks with a Spiketrap that spans the length of the chamber, hoping to crush Link. Making good use of the Roc's Feather found in Tail Cave, Link is able to jump over the Spiketrap and slash Rolling Bones with his Sword.[5] With the defeat of Rolling Bones, Link opens the way to Tail Cave's Nightmare guarding the Full Moon Cello, Moldorm.[6]

To defeat Moldorm, Link must strike the tip of its tail several times, each strike causing the beast to increase its pace. Moldorm can knock Link off into a basement where several corpses are hung from chains in the background. Upon Link's triumph over the beast, it disintegrates into nothingness, opening the way to Tail Cave's final chamber which holds the Full Moon Cello.

Minor Enemies and Traps

Other Appearances

Link's Awakening (Cagiva)

In the Link's Awakening manga by Ataru Cagiva, Link finds the Tail Key after saving Tarin in the Mysterious Forest. Following the Owl's words, Link arrives to Tail Cave and opens it with the Tail Key. Inside he fights various enemies, Spike Roller, and finally Moldorm. After the boss's defeat, the chamber to the Full Moon Cello opens up.


Like all Dungeons in Link's Awakening, the name of Tail Cave is a reference to its shape, which resembles a Mini-Moldorm.[1] This is reinforced by the fact that in the Japanese version of Link's Awakening, Mini-Moldorms are known as "Tail".

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
テールのほらあな (Tēru no Horaana) (LANS)Tēru Cave
Tēru is the Japanese name for Mini-Moldorms.
The People's Republic of China
长尾大空洞 (Cháng wěi dà kōngdòng) (LANS)[9] 
Caverne Flagello (LANS)Flagello Cave
The French Republic
  • Cave Flagello (LA | LADX)[7]
  • Caverne Flagello (LANS)
  • Flagello Cave
  • Flagello Cave
The Federal Republic of Germany
Wurmpalast (LANS)Worm Palace
The Italian Republic
  • Grotta della Coda (LA | LADX)[8]
  • Antro della coda (LANS)
  • Tail Cavern
  • Cave of the tail
Latin America
Cueva del Rabo (LANS)Cave of the Tail
The Kingdom of Spain
Cueva Tail (LANS)Tail Cave
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