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The Owl is a character in Link's Awakening.[2]


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This mysterious owl follows you throughout your adventure. He seems to know much of the island and the world in general, including the Wind Fish. But is he friend or foe?

The Owl appears to Link as soon has he finds his Sword in Toronbo Shores.[3][4] He appears again on multiple occasions to share his words of wisdom.[5] The Owl is greatly concerned of the Wind Fish's eternal slumber and upon seeing Link, believes that he could be the one who would awaken the Wind Fish.[3]

Giving Link directions in the form of riddles,[6] the Owl sends him to various Dungeons of the isle to retrieve the Instruments of the Sirens,[7] which are all needed to awake the Wind Fish.[8] The Owl is also constantly reminding Link that the Wind Fish is watching his progress and awaits to be awakened.[9]

Upon getting the Full Moon Cello from Tail Cave, the Owl once again appears.[8] He mentions that at first he did not believe that Link was real, suggesting that he believed that he was actually a part of the dream world, as Koholint Island is a mere illusion dreamed up by the sleeping Wind Fish.[8] However, since Link had gotten the Instrument of the Sirens, it would seem that the Owl now believes that Link is in fact real. When explaining what the Instrument of the Sirens is, the Owl also mentions that he was given instructions to guide Link.[8]

After getting the fifth Instrument of the Sirens, the Owl will then instruct Link to the Ancient Ruins, where ancient ruins speak of the Wind Fish.[10] After defeating the Armos Knight there, Link discovers some writing and a drawing on the wall. The wall reveal that Koholint Island is a dream of the Wind Fish and by awakening him would make the island disappear. The wall depict a drawing of the Wind Fish as well as the Owl. The Owl outside reassures Link by telling him that no one is really sure whether the foretelling is true or not, and the only way to find out would be to awaken the Wind Fish. The Owl then tells Link to trust his feelings and then flies off.[11]

The Owl is also quite aware of the "Ballad of the Wind Fish", the song which needs to be played with the eight Instruments of the Sirens to awaken the Wind Fish. After Link completes Eagle's Tower, he encounters Marin, who often sings the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" in the Tal Tal Mountain Range. After saving her from some monsters, the Owl thinks that she could have been trying to awaken the Wind Fish with her song,[12] which seems to be true as Marin had revealed earlier her wish of becoming a Seagull and hoped that the Wind Fish would make her wish come true someday.[13]

After getting all of the Instruments of the Sirens, Link goes in front of the Wind Fish's Egg and plays the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" on the Instruments of the Sirens. By doing so, an opening cracks open in the Wind Fish's Egg and the Owl flies down, telling Link to go inside.[14] After completing the maze and defeating the final Nightmare inside, a stairway opens which takes Link to the Wind Fish's room. There, the Owl appears to Link for the final time.[15] The Owl then reveals that he was in fact part of the Wind Fish's spirit. As the spirit of the Wind Fish, the Owl was also the guardian of the Wind Fish's dream world.[15] He also explains that Nightmares had invaded the dream world and had probably been the cause of the Wind Fish's inability to awake.[15] As the Wind Fish is about to awaken, the Owl thanks Link one last time and wishes him farewell before fading away.

Other Appearances

Link's Awakening (Cagiva)

In the Link's Awakening manga by Ataru Cagiva, the Owl first appears after Link finds his Sword, asking if he is the messenger of awakening that has come to awaken the Wind Fish. After Link retrieves the Full Moon Cello, the Owl introduces him to Felicia to assist and look after him. Throughout Link's journey in Koholint Island, the Owl serves as his guide, telling him where his next destination is.


Names in Other Regions
フクロウ (Fukurō) (LA | LANS)Same as English.
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
貓頭鷹 (Māotóuyīng) (LANS) 
The People's Republic of China
猫头鹰 (Māotóuyīng) (LANS) 
The French Republic
Hibou (LA | LADX | LANS)[19]Owl
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Uhu (LA | LANS)
  • Eule (LADX)[18]
  • Eagle-Owl
The Italian Republic
Gufo (LA | LADX | LANS)[16][17]Same as English.
Latin America
Búho (LANS) 
The Kingdom of Spain
Búho (LANS) 
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