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The Witch's Hut,(LA)[1] also known as the Potion Shop,(ALttP)[2] Magic Shop,(ALttP)[3] Syrup's Potion Shop,(OoS | OoA)[4] Syrup the Witch's Hut,(TMC)[5] and the Witch's House,(ALBW)[6] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. Syrup owns the Witch's Hut and Maple sometimes appears as her apprentice. The two brew and sell Potions and Magic Powder.

Features and Overview

A Link to the Past

The Potion Shop is located in the northeast region of the Light World in A Link to the Past. It is the home of Syrup who brews Potions outside, and the Apprentice who maintains the shop inside. They brew and sell Potions in three varieties: Medicine of Life, Medicine of Magic and Medicine of Life and Magic. If Link brings Syrup a Mushroom and waits for a while, she will produce Magic Powder and leave it for him in the shop. The Apprentice will offer a Link a free sample of the Medicine of Life, refilling his hearts on the spot.

Wares and Pricing

ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png120 Rupees
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png160 Rupees

Link's Awakening

The Witch's Hut also appears east of the Mysterious Woods on Koholint Island in Link's Awakening. Provided Link brought the witch a Sleepy Toadstool, she gives him Magic Powder.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Syrup's Potion Shop is located in the middle of the Sunken City and can only be accessed in winter, when the water has frozen. Syrup do not sell anything here until Link trades her a Mushroom for the Wooden Bird.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Syrup's Potion Shop is located in the north-eastern corner of the Yoll Graveyard, in the present. Here, Syrup sells Magic Potions, Gasha Seeds, and one Piece of Heart. During his quest, Link will have to buy a Magic Potion here to cure the King Zora's illness.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Syrup the Witch's Hut is located in the northeastern section of the Minish Woods. Link must buy a Wake-Up Mushroom from the hut for 60 Rupees and use it to wake up Rem in order to receive the Pegasus Boots. Syrup also sells Blue Potion for the same amount of Rupees.

A Link Between Worlds

The Witch's House is the home of the Witch and her granddaughter Irene. Inside, Link can either buy Potions or sell spoils. In exchange for spoils and Rupees, the Witch can brew Blue, Yellow and Purple Potions. The Red Potion can be bought for only 50 Rupees. By talking to the Witch, Link can receive a free sample of the Red Potion, instantly recovering 8 Hearts.

Wares and Pricing

ALBW Green Rupee Model.png200 Rupees
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png100 Rupees
Restores eight hearts! This will definitely come in handy.
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png200 Rupees
Restores all of your hearts. You can't go wrong with one!
ALBW Green Rupee Model.png100 Rupees
Drink it to make yourself invulnerable for a short time!
Drink this to damage all surrounding enemies.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
  • 魔法屋 (Mahō-ya) (ALttP)[14]
  • 魔法おばばの薬屋 (Mahō Obaba no Kusuri-ya) (ALBW)[15]
  • Same as English.
  • Hutte de la sorcière (LANS)
  • Maison de la sorcière (ALBW)[20]
  • Witch's Hut
The French Republic
  • Hutte de la sorcière (LANS)
  • Chez Mami Magie (ALBW)[17]
  • Witch's Hut
The Federal Republic of Germany
Magieshop (ALBW)[16] 
The Italian Republic
  • Bottega magica (ALttP)[8]
  • Casa di Syrup (LA | LADX)[13]
  • Bottega Pozioni di Syrup (OoS | OoA)[11][12]
  • Negozio di Pozioni magiche (TMC)[10]
  • Negozio della Strega Syrup (TMC)[7]
  • Casa della strega (ALBW)[9]
  • Magic shop
  • Syrup's House
  • Same as English.
  • Same as English.
The Republic of Korea
마법 할머니의 약국 (Mabeob Halmeoni-ui Yaggug) (ALBW)[18] 
Latin America
Casa de la bruja (ALBW)[19] 
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Tienda de magia de Sirope (TMC)[21]
  • Casa de la bruja (ALBW)
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Other Names

These names, though from official English sources, are not considered Canon by Zelda Wiki as they contradict a name or names from a higher-priority source.



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