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Koholint Prairie is a location in Link's Awakening.[1] It is southeast of Goponga Swamp, southwest of Tal Tal Heights, west of Tabahl Wasteland and the Graveyard, north of Ukuku Prairie, and east of the Mysterious Woods.

Features and Overview

Koholint Prairie is one of the areas that Link is able to reach on his way to the first dungeon, Tail Cave. Once he has the Ocarina and knows how to play "Manbo's Mambo," he can warp to Manbo's Pond, located next to Crazy Tracy's Health Spa, from anywhere on the Koholint Island overworld. The warp pool for Manbo's song is located next to Crazy Tracy's, making it convenient for Link to purchase her Secret Medicine. The grave of the Ghost that follows Link is found here.

The inhabitants of this prairie are the Witch and Crazy Tracy. The Witch makes Link some Magic Powder in exchange for a Sleepy Toadstool. Tracy sells her Secret Medicine, which brings Link to full health when he runs out of Hearts.

Minor Enemies


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
可湖霖平原 (Kěhúlín píngyuán) (LANS)[2] 
Plaine Cocolint (LANS)Cocolint Plain
The French Republic
Plaine Cocolint (LANS)Cocolint Plain
The Federal Republic of Germany
Cocolint-Steppe (LANS)Cocolint Steppe
The Italian Republic
Prateria di Koholint (LANS)Koholint Prairie
Latin America
Pradera de Koholint (LANS)Koholint Prairie
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