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The Color Dungeon is a dungeon in Link's Awakening DX.[1][2] It was initially added to Link's Awakening DX to showcase the use of the Game Boy Color's screen to enhance gameplay. Link can enter the Dungeon as soon as he returns BowWow to Madam MeowMeow.

Entrance to the Dungeon

In the Village Library, an unreachable Book high on a bookshelf gives directions as to locating and revealing the dungeon's entrance.[3] By Dashing into the Bookcases with the Pegasus Boots, Link is able to knock the Book on the floor. The Book instructs Link to push the Tombstones in the southeast corner of the Cemetery in a specific order; by following the Book's instructions, the entrance reveals itself under the last pushed Tombstone. However, before Link can go further, Dion and Gar stand in his way. They caution Link that he must have Magic Powder in order to advance and offer to sell him some if he has none.[note 1]

The Color Dungeon can be accessed without reading the Book in the Village Library, as the Tombstones can be pushed once Link has obtained the Power Bracelet. However, the final Tombstone can not be moved if Link is accompanied by another character.

Themes and Navigation

The Color Dungeon incorporates many color-based puzzles. In some rooms, Link must hit Switches to harmonize their colors, or throw Orb Monsters into holes matching their color to progress. Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch adds distinctive shapes to all of the color puzzle elements so that they can be distinguished and solved by colorblind players.

Inside the Dungeon, the Power Bracelet is required to complete some puzzles, and Magic Powder is a vital item to defeat the Giant Buzz Blob.[5] Avalaunch exhibits a more mechanical appearance in comparison to regular Hinoxes; they can make Boulders fall from the ceiling.

Once the Hardhit Beetle is defeated, Link meets a Great Fairy who offers him "the power of color" in the form of either the Blue Mail or the Red Mail.[6] Link can clear the Dungeon again to switch between tunics. In Link's Awakening DX Link can never revert back to his Green Clothes, but Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch allows him to switch between all three tunics.

The theme played inside the Color Dungeon is a remixed version of the Dungeon theme from The Legend of Zelda.

Minor Enemies



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
服のダンジョン (Fuku no Danjon) (LANS)Clothing Dungeon
Temple des Couleurs (LANS)Color Temple
The French Republic
  • Palais des Couleurs (LADX)[8]
  • Temple des Couleurs (LANS)
  • Color Palace
  • Color Temple
The Federal Republic of Germany
Labyrinth der Farbe (LANS)Labyrinth of Color
The Italian Republic
  • Sotterraneo del Colore (LADX)[7]
  • Labirinto dei color (LANS)
  • Underground of Color(s)
  • Labyrinth of the colours
The Portuguese Republic
Color Dungeon (LANS)
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Other Names

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Secret Dungeon[9]
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Superseded by
NameApplies toSourceSuperseded by
Secret Dungeon[9]


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  1. In Link's Awakening DX, he must describe to them what color of tunic each is wearing.[4]


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