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The Fortress of Winds is a location in The Minish Cap.[1] It is large complex that was once inhabited by the Wind Tribe;[2][3] however, they abandoned it and traveled to the Cloud Tops,[4][5] making it serve as the third Dungeon in the game. Instead of receiving the Wind Element from this Dungeon, which the Wind Tribe took with them to the skies, the Ocarina of Wind is obtained, allowing Link to fly to any uncovered Wind Crest in Hyrule.[2][6]

Entrance to the Fortress

The Fortress of Winds is located deep within the Wind Ruins. To access the Fortress of Winds, Link must bypass the Armos statues scattered across the Wind Ruins and make his way to the northeastern section of the Ruins, where the Fortress of Winds is situated. Shortly after entering the Fortress of Winds, Ezlo will warn Link to watch his step while in the Fortress.[7]

Themes and Navigation

The Dungeon is effectively a three-dimensional maze, as it has three floors and rooms on the same floor are rarely connected, moreso than in most other Dungeons. Thus, it routes from one part of the Dungeon to another involving both horizontal travel through part of a given floor and vertical travel between floors via ladders or holes that Link must fall through.[8] Much of the Dungeon requires the use of the Bow to hit Eyeball Switches, the White Sword in order for Link to hold down multiple floor Switches or push large blocks, and the Pegasus Boots in order to cross temporary bridges.[9] The main items of the Dungeon are the Mole Mitts, which are instrumental for navigation, as much of the Dungeon is filled with loose earth that must be tunneled through to proceed. Sections of the Fortress of Winds require Link to become Minish-sized to access other areas. A Piece of Heart requires Link to shrink down and fall down from the third floor, enter a crack in the wall and reemerge from a Minish Portal to obtain it.

There area total of five Kinstone Pieces within the Fortress of Winds. On the opposite sides of the first room, there is a Chest containing a Kinstone Piece and a large green Rupee. The middle-left room from the first room leads to an area with two Chests that contain Kinstone Pieces. The following rooms contain Kinstone Pieces within Chests that are surrounded by loose earth. The Compass is found in a room guarded by two Eyegore Statues. To activate them, Link must charge the White Sword and create a copy of himself to step on the two Switches in front of them. Once destroyed, the Chest containing the Compass will appear. The Dungeon Map is located on a raised platform in the central pathway on the second floor, though Eyegore Statues block the path to it.

A Red Darknut serves as one of the Sub-Bosses. When defeated, a blue portal appears, leading back to the entrance of the Dungeon. The Mole Mitts are located in a room behind a Bomb-destructible wall in a narrow passageway following the Darknut's chamber. Within the same room is a Chest containing 100 Rupees. The other Sub-Bosses are two Wizzrobes aided by four malicious Torches, which guard a Chest with 80 Mysterious Shells. The red portal appears near the Boss's chamber. To activate it, Link must push a lone block towards the nearest wall, making it symmetrical with the other blocks in the room. The Big Key is located in the southeastern-most part of the second floor. To reach it, Link must descend from the right hole on the eastern section of the third floor. The left hole will lead Link to the left divide of the platform containing the Chest, which Link can jump down from to try again.

The Fortress of Winds is home to Mazaal, an automated mechanism that serves to defend the Fortress from intruders.[10] Unusual for The Legend of Zelda series, the Fortress of Winds has a post-Boss area. After defeating Mazaal, Link ascends to the roof of the Dungeon, where he finds the Ocarina of Wind and a plaque telling of the Wind Tribe's departure to the Cloud Tops and the true location of the Wind Element.[11][12]

Minor Enemies


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
風のとりで (Kaze no Toride)[14]Same as English.
The French Republic
Forteresse du Vent[16]Fortress of Wind
The Federal Republic of Germany
Tor des Windes[15]Gateway of Winds
The Italian Republic
Bastioni di Maestrale[13]Bastions of Mistral
The Kingdom of Spain
Arco de los vientos[17]Arc of the winds
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  • Despite its name, the Fortress of Winds is not wind-themed whatsoever. The name refers to the Wind Tribe who previously inhabited the Fortress.
  • The Fortress of Winds is one of only two main Dungeons in The Minish Cap that do not reward an Element upon completion, the other being Dark Hyrule Castle.



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