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The Joku-usin Shrine,[1] designated by the trial name Proving Grounds: Short Circuit,[1] is a Shrine of Light in Tears of the Kingdom.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Joku-usin Shrine is situated inside the Thunderhead Isles in Faron Grasslands Sky.

Themes and Navigation

The interior of the Shrine

The Joku-usin Shrine is a simple Shrine of Light that removes Link's Inventory upon entering it. The objective of the Shrine is to eliminate all of the Constructs with the Weapons and Items found in the Shrine of Light.

After completing the Shrine, Link's Inventory is returned and a gate opens, leading to a Treasure Chest and a Statue of Rauru and Sonia. By interacting with the Terminal in front of the Statue, Link can receive a Light of Blessing to cleanse the corruption of Darkness from within him.[2][3]



Guardians of the Shrine of Light



Zonai Devices

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

In the end of the Shrine

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

In the end of the Shrine


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