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Constructs are characters and Enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.[name references needed]


Constructs are mechanical creatures that can be found in the Sky Islands, on the surface of Hyrule, and underground. Their inorganic bodies are made of segmented Zonai stonework that are automated and held together by a green Magic. Some Constructs, such as Flux Constructs and Soldier Constructs, are programmed to eliminate trespassers without discrimination and will fight Monsters as well as Link. Link can use this to his advantage by luring other Monsters and Constructs together and waiting for them to defeat each other. Some Constructs are peaceful and can instead be spoken to, like Ranger Constructs.

Constructs were created by the Zonai to tend to their habitats and defend them from threats. They contain Zonai Charges as power sources.

List of Constructs


Names in Other Regions
ゴーレム (Gōremu)[1]Golem
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