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Maiamai are a species appearing in A Link Between Worlds.


Maiamai are pink creatures with molluscan traits such as a snail-like shell and octopus bodies, though their young are shown to have fewer than eight limbs. With the apparent ability to travel among worlds and dimensions,[2][3] a family of Maiamai stopped in Hyrule during their voyage when the Mother Maiamai lost track of her 100 children, all of which were scattered across both Hyrule and Lorule.[4] Link finds Mother Maiamai in a Cave near Lake Hylia that has been blocked off to contain the "strange creature" within;[5] after introducing herself, she asks Link to help locate her Lost Maiamai, and gives him the Maiamai Map to track the number of Lost Maiamai remaining in each region.

The Lost Maiamai have wound up in a variety of situations—many beneath Rocks, on top of Trees, underwater or stuck in sand—while some have become suctioned onto walls with such strength that Link cannot pull them off by hand. They make high-pitched squeaking noises, which help to notify Link to their locations;[6] when Link is close to a Maiamai, he will turn his head toward the source of the noise.

One of the abilities of Maiamai is to make things more "Nice" by inhaling them, shaking around while glowing with a bright light, then spitting them out. For every ten Lost Maiamai Link finds, Mother Maiamai will use this process to upgrade one of his Items into a "Nice" version, provided he owns the Item and is not merely renting it from Ravio. After all of the Maiamai have been recovered, Mother Maiamai will make Link more "Nice" by upgrading his Spin Attack ability to the Great Spin. Shortly after this, the family of Maiamai decide to continue on their journey and leave to another dimension.[7] However, a single baby Maiamai will stay behind in the cave, telling Link that she is the 72nd that he saved,[8] and asking the young hero to wish her luck on being as good of a mother as Mother Maiamai.[9]


The name "Maiamai" comes from the Japanese word マイマイ (Maimai), meaning "snail". The name is also a play on the phrase "My, oh, my!", which is said by Mother Maiamai.

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