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Ravio is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[3] Originally a resident of the kingdom of Lorule, he spends a vast majority of the game posing as a simple shopkeeper in Hyrule, renting various items to his Hyrulean counterpart Link in order to help him advance in his quest. Ravio is frequently accompanied by his pet bird, Sheerow, who tends to mimic many of his gestures and emotions.


Ravio introduces himself to Link after the hero's failed encounter with Yuga at the Sanctuary, claiming to be a travelling merchant who has been looking for a place to stay. After advising Link to report the abduction of Seres to Hyrule Castle, he asks that he be allowed to live in his house; when Link says yes, he gifts him with his Bracelet in place of rent, which is later used by Link to exit from a wall after Yuga transforms him into a painting in the Eastern Palace, and subsequently, gain the ability to Wall Merge.

Ravio goes on to open a shop inside of Link's House, where he may rent and eventually purchase various items that are critical to reaching and completing certain dungeons.[4] Most items are available from Ravio's Shop near the beginning of the game,[5] allowing Link to proceed through the dungeons in a non-linear fashion. After Link obtains all three Pendants of Virtue, Ravio begins to sell the items that he rents out as well.[6] After Link leaves the shop following this, Ravio tells him of the Quick Equip ability.[7]

After Link purchases all of the items in Ravio's Shop, Ravio thanks him for bringing him so many Rupees and decides to close his shop and enter retirement.[8][9] In his retirement, Ravio can be found laying on the floor of Link's House, philosophizing over various things.[10] Consequently, every time Link enters Ravio's Shop, Ravio will be laying on the floor saying something different, usually how his outlook on life has changed since retirement.[11][12][13][14] He will also sing, claiming that it has been a long time since he was in the mood for singing.[15]

Once Link has defeated Yuga for the final time, Ravio intervenes the confrontation between Link and Hilda,[16] revealing that he was a loyal servant of Princess Hilda in Lorule.[17] He soon discovered, however, that Hilda was plotting to steal Hyrule's Triforce with Yuga to compensate for the loss of their kingdom's own.[18] Ravio was then forced to flee to Hyrule to search for a hero to stop them, as he lacked the courage to confront them himself and required assistance to stop them. Ravio attempts convince Hilda against stealing Hyrule's Triforce, as it would only makes things worse for both worlds and ultimately go against the intentions of her ancestors.[19][20] After successfully talking Hilda out of her plan,[21] Ravio travels with her to Lorule's Sacred Realm and watches as she prepares to send Link and Princess Zelda home. During his farewell to Link, Ravio states his gratitude at meeting such a courageous hero and his desire that some of Link's bravery may have been passed onto him.[22]

After Link and Princess Zelda make a wish upon their Triforce upon returning to Hyrule, Ravio and Hilda are shown standing together as the slate connecting the two worlds shatters apart, knocking them both back. The two then watch as Lorule's rightful Triforce is restored, with Ravio smiling broadly as Hilda tearfully thanks Link and Zelda for their selfless wish.[23]

In Hero Mode, a Diary appears in the Vacant House in Lorule. It is implied that the Diary is Ravio's, indicating that the Vacant House was likely Ravio's home before his departure for Hyrule. The Diary contains entries written in the three days leading up to the departure. They describe how he decided to leave Lorule in order to save Princess Hilda, whom he knew was being duped by Yuga.[24][25][26]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Ravio appears as a playable Warrior in Hyrule Warriors. He fights using the Rental Hammer as his primary means of attacking while using the sub-weapon items for charge attacks. He also uses the Ice Rod for special moves.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ravio — Spirit Battle Information
Support Spirit
No. 235
Team Power Shield | 4000 Rank ★★ ADVANCED Fighter(s)
Stage Skyloft Theme "" Bunny Young Link
Rule(s) Hazard(s)
 • Timed battle
 • The enemy favors special moves
 • The enemy is easily distracted by items
Ravio — Spirit Information

No. 235
Rank ★★ ADVANCED Cost
Killing Edge Equipped
Start battles with a Killing Edge. Hit when it glows for extra power.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ravio appears as a Spirit with the ability, Killing Edge Equipped, which gives a Fighter a Killing Edge at the start of a battle.


  • Ravio's design was based on Link's rabbit form when entering the Dark World in A Link to the Past.[27]
  • When Link approaches Ravio's bag with a Rupee symbol on it, he frantically stops him, saying there is something "more important than life itself" inside.[28] After the fight with Yuga Ganon, Ravio appears and trips over himself, dropping out of the bag three Green Rupees.
  • When the Hyrule Castle mural depicting the Triforce splitting apart is shown during the ending to A Link Between Worlds, one of the Seven Sages in the image is covered by a crude drawing of Ravio.
  • Satoru Iwata noted that many fans have compared Ravio to Nabbit from the Super Mario series, but dismissed it as an unintentional coincidence.[29]
  • In the North American French localization of A Link Between Worlds, it is implied that "Ravio" is not his real name, but one that he made up upon meeting Link.[30]
  • Ravio appears to be left-handed, much like his counterpart in Link.


Ravio's name is a portmanteau of rabbit and violet. It is also a variation of Lavio, which originates from "lavender" and "violet", two forms of purple.[citation needed]

Names in Other Regions
ラヴィオ (Ravio) (ALBW)[33] 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ravio (ALBW)[35]
Lavio (ALBW | HWDE)[40] 
The French Republic
Lavio (ALBW | HWDE)[34] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Ravio (ALBW | HWDE)[36][37]
The Italian Republic
Lavio (ALBW | HWDE)[31][32] 
The Republic of Korea
라비오 (Labio) (ALBW)[38]Ravio
The Portuguese Republic
Ravio (ALBW)
The Russian Federation
Равио (Ravio) (ALBW)[35] 
Latin America
Ravio (ALBW | HWDE)[39]
The Kingdom of Spain
Ravio (ALBW | HWDE)[41]
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