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Kilton is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW | TotK)[4][5]


Breath of the Wild

Kilton is a Hylian Monster fanatic who owns the Fang and Bone traveling shop where he sells Monster-related wares. He can only be encountered during the night, when the Fang and Bone appears. Initially, the Fang and Bone can only be found at Skull Lake

When first spoken to, Kilton will be startled by Link's sudden appearance, though he becomes disappointed when he realizes he is simply a Hylian.[6] Link asks who he is, Kilton introduces himself and asks if came because he heard rumors of a Monster Shop.[7] He further explains that he is still preparing for the grand opening of the Fang and Bone.[8] To prove his point, he provides Link with his business card, which advertises the Fang and Bone.[9][10] However, he requests that Link return the card to him because it is the only one he has.[11]

Kilton then hesitantly asks Link if he is interested in Monsters.[12] I Link affirms that he likes them, Kilton then asks how much he likes them.[13] If Link claims to adore them, Kilton interjects and states that he loves Monsters more than Link does.[14] After taking a moment to calm himself, Kilton apologizes to Link for his outburst.[15] He explains that he loves researching Monsters so much that he decided to open the Fang and Bone, which is dedicated to them.[16]

Kilton informs Link that he travels all over Hyrule Kingdom, though he is unsure where he should visit next.[17] During his musings, he discusses the benefits of visiting Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, Rito Village, Zora's Domain, Lurelin Village, and Tarrey Town.[18] Thinking about it excites Kilton so much that he decides to take off from Skull Lake.[19] Before he leaves, he tells Link that he is sure they will meet again in a village during the night.[20] Kilton, along with the Fang and Bone, will then disappear.

Following this encounter, Link can find Kilton on the outskirts of all the villages he mentioned starting at 9:00 PM. The spots where Kilton appears are marked by a Sign.[21]

During their second meeting, Kilton will once again be surprised to see Link.[22] He announces that the Fang and Bone is officially open for business.[23] Since it is Link's first time shopping at the Fang and Bone, Kilton decides that the first thing they will do is convert his Monster Parts in Mon.[24] If Link asks what Mon is, Kilton explains that he loves Monsters so much that he turned them into money.[25]

Kilton explains that if Link brings him Monster Parts, he will give him Mon in exchange.[26] The Fang and Bone is the only business that accepts Mon, which Kilton considers to be exclusive.[27] With Mon, Link is able to purchase Monster gear, which Kilton created based on his research.[28] Kilton also reveals that he is constantly developing more Monster gear, so he reminds Link to check out the Fang and Bone between his adventures.[29] He then encourages Link to start exchanging Monster Parts with him.[30]

On subsequent visits, Kilton is able to smell Monsters on Link before he turns around.[31][32][33][34][35][36][37] He will be surprised to see Link once he turns to face him, at which point he welcomes him to the Fang and Bone.[38] When Link leaves, Kilton will hope to see him again in the future.[39] If Link is still at the Fang and Bone after 5:00 AM, Kilton will realize that it is time for him to leave.[40]

Kilton is the subject of the "A Shady Customer" Side Quest. At the East Akkala Stable, Hoz shares that he has heard rumors about Kilton and the Fang and Bone and that his activities have made the people of Akkala uncomfortable.[2] He asks Link to share the appearance of any suspicious individuals he sees, especially if he spots Kilton.[41]

To satisfy Hoz, Link must take a Picture of Kilton with the Camera to show him.[42] When Link shows him the Picture, Hoz will chuckle before remarking that Kilton is strange.[43] He thanks Link for showing it to him, as he believes it will help him hunt Kilton down.[44]

After defeating Calamity Ganon, Link is able to ask Kilton about certain Monsters, which Kilton is happy to talk about.[45] He decides to talk about the big ones, specifically Stone Taluses, Hinoxes, and Molduga.[46] Kilton is aware of how many of each of the Monsters reside in Hyrule Kingdom.[47] Kilton is currently pursuing these Monsters, but he is unable to get near them due to their size.[48] He asks Link to find and defeat all of the members of these giant Monster species.[49] He plans on analyzing the scent of their fluids that will stick to Link's body during their battle, which will allow him to learn about their habits, behaviors, and other qualities.[50] He tells Link that he is counting on him.[51]

Once Link has defeated all of the members of a Monster type, Kilton will be able to smell it on him.[52][53] To reward Link for his assistance, he will gift him a Medal of Honor.[54] He claims that as long as Link has his Medal of Honor, he will always be with him.[55] He reassures Link that he will no longer have to suffer in silence, empathizing with his pain for having to kill a Monster.[56] While Kilton considers destroying Monsters to be "soul-crushing work," he recognizes that it must be done.[57]

Even after collecting the Medals of Honor, Link can continue to ask Kilton about the giant Monsters.[58] Despite sharing Link's pain, Kilton will excitedly praise him for being able to defeat them all.[59][60][61] Due to Link's assistance, Kilton was able to learn about the structure and diet of Stone Taluses,[62] the Food preferences between different types of Hinoxes,[63] and the size limits of Molduga.[64] He once again thanks Link for his help.[65][66]

Tears of the Kingdom

At some point, Kilton passed his old Shop over to his brother, Koltin. Upon completion of the Side Adventure "The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!", he will take up residence in Tarrey Town.


  • If Link approaches Kilton while wearing the Dark Series in Breath of the Wild, Kilton remarks that it is terrifying enough to make a brave merchant "cry for his mummy".[67]


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Kilton (BotW)
キルトン (BotW | TotK)
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吉爾頓 (Jíěrdùn) (BotW | TotK)
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Kilton (BotW)
Kilton (BotW | TotK)
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Kilton (BotW | TotK)
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Kilton (BotW | TotK)
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Kilton (BotW)
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Kilton (BotW | TotK)
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