A Shady Customer

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A Shady Customer

Quest Giver Hoz
Prerequisite(s)Camera Rune
Location East Akkala Stable
Reward Silver Rupee

"A Shady Customer" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At the East Akkala Stable, a mercenary guard hired to patrol the area, Hoz, tells Link how dangerous the area has gotten lately.[2] If Link agrees, he shares a rumor of a suspicious character named Kilton, who has been spotted running a business known as Fang and Bone during the night.[3] Due to his activities, the people around East Akkala Stable have become uncomfortable.[4]

Hoz asks Link if he knows Kilton.[5] If Link says that he does, Hoz is shocked to hear that Link knows something.[6] However, if Link says that he does not, Hoz is disappointed.[7] Either way, he asks Link to tell him of any suspicious people he sees, specifically Kilton.[8] This begins the Side Quest.

Link can then take a photo of Kilton using the Camera Rune on his Sheikah Slate. If Kilton has not been met yet, he can be found in the eye of Skull Lake during the night. However, if Link has already spoken to him, he can be found outside of Hateno Village, Tarrey Town, Rito Village, Lurelin Village, Gerudo Town, and Zora's Domain.

Once this is done, Link can return to Hoz at the East Akkala Stable and show him the picture.[9] Upon seeing it, Hoz remarks that Kilton looks strange.[10] He thanks Link for helping to hunt him down, giving him a Silver Rupee as a reward.[11] Hoz returns to his duty guarding the Stable,[12] which completes the Side Quest.


Stage Description
1 A mercenary named Hoz at East Akkala Stable asked you to investigate a suspicious character.

Whoever it is runs a business that he calls Fang and Bone.

If you find someone fitting of that description, get an image of him to show to Hoz.
Complete You showed Hoz a picture of Kilton.

Hoz seems to have a better understanding of Kilton's strange countenance.


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