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Hoz is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3][4]


Breath of the Wild

Hoz is a soldier who works to fend off monsters from East Akkala Stable in the Akkala Highlands.[5] He carries a Soldier's Spear and wears a Soldier's Helm. He patrols the Stable throughout the day and night.[6] If it begins to rain, he will flee inside.[7][8]

If Link agrees that it has become dangerous in the area, Hoz shares a rumor he has heard of a suspicious individual known as Kilton.[9] The rumors say that he runs a shop called Fang and Bone, which he operates during the night.[10] Kilton's behavior has reportedly been making people uncomfortable.[11]

Hoz asks Link if he knows Kilton.[12] If Link replies that he does not, Hoz will be disappointed.[13] Alternatively, if Link says that he does, Hoz is shocked that he is aware of him.[14] Despite Link's answer, Hoz asks him for a detailed description of any suspicious people that he encounters, especially if he meets Kilton.[15] This begins the Side Quest "A Shady Customer".

Once Link has taken a Picture of Kilton, he can return to the East Akkala Stable to show it to Hoz.[16] Though he thinks the Picture is strange,[17] Hoz believes it will help him track Kilton down.[18] As a reward, he gives Link a Silver Rupee. He bids Link farewell so that he can return to his mission.[19]

After completing the Side Quest, Link can continue to speak to Kilton. Now that he has seen Kilton, he wonders what he sells at the Fang and Bone.[20] He believes it could be fangs, bones, or "evil things", but thinking about it creeps him out.[21]

Tears of the Kingdom

Hoz became a captain of his own Monster-Control Crew squad, and he continues to wear a Soldier's Helm. After Zelda and Link disappeared at the start of the Upheaval, Hoz and his squad were dispatched to Hyrule Castle by Purah to search for them.[22]

Initially, Hoz can be found on top of the First Gatehouse alongside Toren, from where he is directing the search.[23] At first, Hoz attempts to dismiss Link, but he is relieved when he realizes he is speaking to Link and assumes that Zelda is also safe.[24] If Link has not yet met with Purah, Hoz is confused by Link's story, and he tells him to find Purah while they continue to search for Zelda.[25][26] When Link approaches Hoz during the "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" Main Quest, he is still confused by Link's explanation, but he decides it is more important to continue searching for Zelda.[27] Due to how overwhelming the amount Gloom surrounding Hyrule Castle has been, Hoz is relieved to have help.[28][29]

Their conversation is interrupted by Toren, who spots a figure resembling Zelda.[30] Hoz is happy to see she is safe,[31] but he is confused when she begins to float in the air and disappears into Light.[32] Declaring that they are now in an emergency situation, Hoz sends Link back to Purah while he withdraws the Monster-Control Crew, since it will take them some time.[33][34][35]

Link can meet him again south of the Hyrule Garrison Ruins where Hoz leads his squad in an attack on a Monster Stronghold.[36][37]

Squad one then heads southeast on towards Fort Hateno in Necluda.[38]


  • In Breath of the Wild, Hoz is one of several characters that will hit Link back if he attacks them with a Weapon.[39][40][41] These attacks deal no damage.


Names in Other Regions
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Hoz (BotW)
ホスタ (Hosuta) (BotW | TotK)
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Hoz (BotW)
Hoz (BotW | TotK)
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Hoz (BotW | TotK)
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Holm (BotW | TotK)
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Hosta (BotW | TotK)
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Hozlar (BotW)
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