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Viscen is a character in Majora's Mask.[3]


Captain Viscen is the leader and recruiter of the Clock Town guards.[2] He is first seen in the Mayor's Official Residence, arguing with Mutoh regarding what's best for the safety of Clock Town's residents. He proposes an evacuation of Clock Town's public servants and committee members,[4] though Mutoh claims that everyone is most secure inside the town's walls.[5]

After Link shows the Couple's Mask to Mayor, he comes to the decision that the town's residents should flee if they see fit.[6] Later, Viscen may be found outside the office, sullen over the fact that some residents choose to remain. His supporter can be found standing with him, asking how they should proceed following the meeting with the mayor.[7] If Link fails to show the Couple's Mask to the Mayor, the Carnival of Time will proceed, likely indicating that the Mayor either sided with Mutoh or came to the neutral decision on his own. In this scenario, Viscen may be found outside of the Mayor's office on the night of the third day with the same angered, yet dutiful demeanor.[7]


  • Captain Viscen shares the same character model as the Royal Guards from Ocarina of Time but with a new spear model and the Triforce symbols on his visor and chestplate removed.


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Viscen (MM3D)[10]
The Italian Republic
Viscen (MM | MM3D)[8][9]
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