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Tortus is a character mentioned in Majora's Mask.[1]


Tortus was Anju's father and the son of her Grandmother and Gampy. By the time the events in Majora's Mask occur, Tortus is already deceased.[4] His name is only known because Anju's Grandmother often calls Anju and Link by the name "Tortus."[5] Anju must constantly remind her Grandmother that Tortus is no longer alive,[1] but she never appears to fully understand.[6] However, there are a few hints in the game, such as in Granny's Diary, that suggest she might be faking her senility, and may find mentioning Tortus the way she does a convincing way of maintaining this illusion.[7]


One of the questions in Keaton's Quiz asks for the name of Anju's father. The other possible answers are "Padre" and "Tertal".

Names in Other Regions
  • カメキチ (Kamekichi) (MM)
  • トーサン (Tōsan) (MM)
  • トータス (Tōtasu) (MM)
The Italian Republic
Tortus (MM | MM3D)[8][9]
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