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Tatl is Link's Fairy companion in Majora's Mask.[1] Similar to Navi from Ocarina of Time, Tatl assists Link by allowing him to interact with the environment through Targeting certain objects, people, and enemies. Unlike Navi, however, Tatl expresses herself with bell-like noises of varying repetition, whereas Navi shouts several catch phrases such as "Hey!", "Listen!" or "Watch out!".


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Prior to the events of Majora's Mask, Tatl and Tael were flying around Termina Field looking for shelter on a stormy day, when suddenly they find a lonely Skull Kid under a log, shivering. Tatl and her brother soon become friends with him, and when the Skull Kid began to show his mischievous side, the two fairies decided to follow through it: at the beginning of Majora's Mask, they accompany the Skull Kid to the Lost Woods, where Tatl and Tael startle Link's horse, causing the young hero to fall off unconscious while the Skull Kid steals Link's ocarina. When Link wakes up, Tatl escapes with Tael and the Skull Kid as they ride away on Epona. After Link is transformed into a Deku Scrub, Tatl gets in his way to impede him from going after the Skull Kid, which causes Tatl to get separated from both the Skull Kid and her brother. Although at first she blames Link for the turn of events,[2] she decides to become Link's partner in order to be reunited with her brother and prevent the Skull Kid from destroying Termina.[3]

Eventually, Link and Tatl find the Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower, where Tael gives them a clue about how to stop the Moon.[4] The Skull Kid, however, smacks Tael for speaking out of line, angering Tatl.[5] When Link retrieves the Ocarina of Time from the Skull Kid, Tatl scolds the young hero for losing himself in memories before he plays the "Song of Time" to take him and his fairy sidekick back to the First Day.[6] From then on, Tatl accompanies Link in his subsequent confrontations with the Skull Kid, and also plays a part in preventing Termina from its impending apocalypse. Once the two of them manage to free the Four Giants, Link and Tatl go up against the Skull Kid one last time, successfully halting the Moon from its path of destruction by calling the almighty deities. Although Tael tries to explain to his sister that the power of Majora's Mask was too great for the Skull Kid to handle, Tatl accounts it on him having a "weak will and no strength of heart," on top of being a "fool."[7] Shortly after, Majora's Mask detaches itself from the Skull Kid and travels to the inside of the moon, prompting Link to go after it. Tatl refuses to follow him since she wants to stay with her brother,[8] but when Tael says that he will go,[9] Tatl changes her mind and decides to accompany Link to the moon.[10] Together, the young hero and the fairy defeat Majora's Mask, freeing the Skull Kid from the mask's power.

Tatl is last seen during the ending sequence of the game when, just as she's witnessing Link's departure from Termina along with Tael and the Skull Kid, she thanks him for helping her,[11] causing the overwhelmed fairy to be comforted by her brother.


In contrast to Navi, Tatl frequently expresses her opinions and partakes an active role in several cutscenes, specifically when Link confronts the Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower. She is also more informal than Link's previous fairy companion, often speaking to him in a more straightforward manner.[3] At the beginning of the game, Tatl is initially aggressive, blunt and hostile in her treatment of Link, blaming him for the fact that she got separated from Tael.[2] However, as the game progresses, Tatl gradually mollifies as she grows to tolerate his company, up to the point where she apologizes for what happened to his horse and even admits that she admires Link for his acts of bravery.[12][13] Although Tatl provides less information than Navi, the information she does provide is generally more direct and less formal than Navi. When questioned about an enemy from Ocarina of Time, she tends to react with surprise, then criticizes Link for his ignorance,[14] though this trait was removed in Majora's Mask 3D.[15]


  • If Link decides to stop the Moon's descent again after the first time, Tatl stops Tael in the middle of his speech about the mask saying she already knows.[16][17]
  • Tatl and her brother also seem to be well known around Clock Town, at least with the Bombers. After Link receives the Bombers' Notebook from Jim, he directly addresses Tatl, telling her to inform the Skull Kid that he is no longer a member of the Bombers.[18] Also, if Link addresses a Bomber as a Goron or a Zora, he asks, "Why is Tatl with you?"[19][20]


Along with her younger brother, Tael, her name stems from the term "Tattletale" pertaining to her nature as an informant, particularly of the enemies encountered in the game.

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