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The Great Mayfly Fairy is a character in The Minish Cap.[2]


The Great Mayfly Fairy is found on Mount Crenel, on an eastern ledge of the Crenel Wall. Link can use a Bomb on the wall near a Sign that warns against using Bombs.[3] Once inside, if Link throws a Bomb into her Fountain, she will ask if he threw a Golden Bomb, a Silver Bomb, or neither.[4] If Link gives the honest answer of "Neither", she rewards him with a Big Bomb Bag;[5] however, if he gives either of the other incorrect answers, she accuses him of lying and takes away all of his Bombs.[6]

Non-Canonical Appearances

The Minish Cap (Himekawa)

In the manga, the Great Mayfly Fairy resides in the Temple of Droplets, where she performs a song. Her wings had grown out seven days prior to Link's arrival, and Ezlo explains that she has sung for seven days and seven nights; when her song ends, she will die. Although Link tries to convince her to continue singing, she recognizes her fate and gives him the Water Element to aid in his journey.

Vaati appears in the Temple and demands that the Great Mayfly Fairy tell him where he can find the Light Force. When he recognizes Ezlo as his old master, he transforms the Great Mayfly Fairy into a moth to show how much his power has surpassed Ezlo's. He explains that the Great Mayfly Fairy will be able to live forever in her new form; however, she also loses her mind and begins destroying the Temple as Link and Ezlo escape.



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The Federal Republic of Germany
Hohe Schimmer-Fee[10]
The Italian Republic
Fata Radiosa Caligine[9]
The Kingdom of Spain
Gran Hada Colibri[11]
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