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The Carpenters are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Carpenters can be first seen working on a building in Kakariko Village, which later becomes the Shooting Gallery. They are hired by Impa, who hopes the village will someday become a city.[2] The Carpenters and their boss are residing at the inn run by the generous woman and can be found inside each night.

Seven years later, the Carpenters set up a tent in Gerudo Valley in order to restore the bridge that the Gerudo destroyed to ward off intruders.[3] However, Mutoh is the only one remaining as his employees have all abandoned him to join the Gerudos as thieves.[4][5] The female bandits reject the Carpenters and hold them prisoner in separate cells throughout their fortress. Once Link frees them all, the Carpenters rebuild the bridge in Gerudo Valley.[6]

The name of the Carpenters is decided depending on the order which they are rescued. The first one is named Ichiro, the second Jiro, the third Sabooro, and the fourth Shiro.

Majora's Mask

Main articles: Mutoh, Brac, Bremor, Brent, Doyle and Mack

In Majora's Mask, the Carpenters are part of the Clock Town Carnival Executive Committee, which is in charge of constructing the fireworks-viewing tower for the Carnival of Time. During the first two days, Mutoh is in the Mayor's Official Residence while the other Carpenters work in South Clock Town. During the night of the Final Day, Mutoh is the only remaining Carpenter in town, mocking the Moon above.[7] He indicates that he has some sons who have already fled the town.[8]

The Carpenter with the green shorts is Brac and the Carpenter with the lumber is Bremor.[9][10]

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Mutoh can be found in Nuun Highlands next to the bridge leading to the Symmetry City Ruins. He and the other Carpenter were building the bridge when they decided to take a break.[11] Once Link finds the three Carpenters around the area with the help of an animal companion, they finish building the bridge.[12]

The Minish Cap

Main articles: Mutoh, Bremor, Brent, Doyle and Mack

The Carpenters in The Minish Cap are first seen in North Hyrule Field, repairing damage done by Vaati, which prevents Link from entering Hyrule Town. They are later found in the Eastern Hills, blocking the path to Lon Lon Ranch. After obtaining the Fire Element from the Cave of Flames, they can be found working in a building with a waterwheel in Hyrule Town. Link can then Fuse Kinstones with them. Fusing with Bremor after finding a house for either Din, Nayru, or Farore will cause them to build a second house for another Oracle.


  • In Ocarina of Time, one of the Carpenters rescued from the Gerudo's Fortress shares his name with Shiro, the invisible Soldier in the path to Ikana Canyon from Majora's Mask.
  • In the Japanese version of Ocarina of Time, all of the Carpenters use female first person pronouns like あたし (Atashi) and あたい (Atai).[13][14] They also have a tendency to end their sentences with the particle わ (wa), which is usually only used by women to express emphasis or emotion.[15] Jiro also calls Link a "カワイイ ボーヤ (cute boy)" when he is rescued from the Gerudos.[16] The last bit was also retained to some extent in the English localization, although it was toned down to "cute kid."[17]
    • On a related note, the Carpenters in both the Japanese and various localizations of Ocarina of Time are shown to move in a rather effeminate manner, which is made especially evident in the scenes where each carpenter is freed from captivity where they are running in a girly way.
  • Brac's name is likely the result of a misinterpretation during localization. In Japanese, no name is mentioned, but it is possible that the localization team mistook the word テツヤ (Tetsuya) as a name, and thus created an English alternative.[18]
  • In The Minish Cap, the names of the Carpenters are similar to the Knights, being Bremeur, Brant, Doylan, and Max, which might explain King Mutoh's name.
  • While wearing Kafei's Mask in "Majora's Mask", Mutoh's apprentice reacts in a violently angry way. He implies that he has feelings for Anju and wishes for Kafei to remain missing.[19]


Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro, and Shiro are common names to give to sons in Japan. The "-rō" part being a male ending that means "son" and "ichi" and "ji" being the numbers "one," "two," and on.[20] The German names of the Carpenters in Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cap are a reference to The Beatles, with each Carpenter sharing their name with one of the four members, John, Paul, George, and Ringo.[21] However, in Ocarina of Time 3D, the names were changed.

Names in Other Regions
大工 (Daiku) (OoT)[26]Same as English.
The People's Republic of China
木匠 (mù jiàng) (OoA)[27] 
The Italian Republic
  • Carpenters
  • Helpers
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