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The Stuffed-Up Tokay is a character in Oracle of Ages.[1]


The Stuffed-Up Tokay is a Tokay who lives in the Tokay Cafe on the southeastern corner of Crescent Island in the present. He is in charge of cooking dinner for all the Tokay, but has a stuffed-up nose. Because of his impaired sense of taste, he is worried that the meal will turn out poorly.[3]

Link may lend him the Stink Bag as part of the Trading Sequence.[2] If he does, the Stuffed-Up Tokay will exclaim at the Bag's stench and begin hopping around the room.[4][5][6][7] After he calms down, he will ask Link to give him the Stink Bag, as it helps clear out his sinuses.[8] In exchange, he gives Link a sample of his specialty, the Tasty Meat.[9]

Should Link visit the Stuffed-Up Tokay after his portion of the Trading Sequence is complete, he will comment that he has run out of food for dinner.[10]


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