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The following articles use the {{icon}} template with an invalid icon name.

Adding Icons

Some pages in this category may be using icons that are not yet supported by {{Icon}}, but ought to be. Such colors must be added to Template:Icon and Template:Icon/Documentation.

Fixing Invalid Icon Names

Viewing Warnings

Pages in this category should have editor warnings that describe which template usages are invalid and how to fix them.

Warning messages are displayed above page previews, unless the preference Show previews without reloading the page is enabled. In this case, the warnings can also be viewed in the Lua logs at the very bottom of the preview page beneath the editing area, under "parser profiling data."

Unfortunately warning messages cannot be viewed when using VisualEditor, even in source mode. To switch to the regular source editor, go to Special:Preferences, Editing tab, and from the Preferred editor dropdown select Source editor.

Transcluded Errors

If a page appears in this category but no editor warning appears when previewing the page, it may be that the error is being transcluded from another page. This happens quite often with errors in Data:Translations being transcluded into articles via {{Nomenclature}}, and on redirect pages that use {{Synonym}}.

In this case, you can use Special:ExpandTemplates to find out where the error is coming from. Put the name of the article in the context title field and the article wikitext in the input wikitext field, then submit the form. Search for Articles using invalid icon names in the Result section. The category name will appear where the error is.


Total pages: 82 [purge]
Invalid Icon NamePage CountPages
TPHD R7Chuchu JellyGhost LanternGood SoupIron BootsOrdon Goat CheeseSimple SoupSuperb Soup
TPHD Y7Chuchu JellyGhost LanternGood SoupIron BootsOrdon Goat CheeseSimple SoupSuperb Soup
TotK X6Hero's Path ModeKey ItemKey Items in Tears of the KingdomLadderOperation InstructionsTips and Tricks
TotK Arrow Right5Death Mountain West Site StationEquestrian Riding CourseMine-Cart LandRevali's LandingYunoboCo HQ East Cave
LANS R4Marin and Tarin's HouseShieldSuhniSystem
TPHD L Stick Horizontal Animation4Frog LurePopper LureSpinner LureSwimmer Lure
TotK Arrow Left4Equestrian Riding CourseHateno SchoolMine-Cart LandYunoboCo HQ East Cave
HWAoC L3Fire RodMini-MapThe Battle of Hyrule Field
LANS Broom3ChristineFishing HookGrandma Yahoo
MM C3InventoryMilk (1/2)Stone Mask
TotK Y3Operation InstructionsQuick SelectTips and Tricks
HWAoC Y2Fire RodThe Battle of Hyrule Field
HWL Y2Demon King's Frame+Wolfos
LANS -2JoonyaUser:ThisIsLiz/Sandbox
LANS Pineapple2Chef BearPapahl
PH Arrow Up2Isle of the DeadTombstone
SSHD Arrow Left2Data:Translations/SSHD/LocationsResidential Quarter
SSHD Arrow Right2Data:Translations/SSHD/LocationsResidential Quarter
SSHD D-Pad Down2SkydivingWing Ceremony
TP Control Neutral2Sumo Wrestlin'The Way of Sumo, Part II
TP Left Arrow2Sumo Wrestlin'The Way of Sumo, Part II
TP Right Arrow2Sumo Wrestlin'The Way of Sumo, Part II
TP Wii Remote2Sumo Wrestlin'The Way of Sumo, Part II
TWWHD D-Pad2MiiverseUser:Htwretched/Sandbox/Miiverse
TotK A2GallopingTips and Tricks
TotK B2SprintingTips and Tricks
TotK L2Ancient PowerTips and Tricks
CoH Flippers1Snorkel
CoH Shadow Link1Shadow Spin Attack
FPTRR Tool1Shovel
FSA Blue Link1Death Mountain Foothills
FSA Down Arrow Green1The Coast
FSA Green Link1Death Mountain Foothills
FSA Left Arrow Green1The Coast
FSA Purple Link1Death Mountain Foothills
FSA Red Link1Death Mountain Foothills
FSA Right Arrow Green1The Coast
FSA Up Arrow Green1The Coast
FSA Up Arrow1The Coast
HW Y1Wolfos
HWAoC R1Lightning Strike
HWAoC ZR1Sooga School of Swordsmanship
LANS Down Arrow1Graveyard
LANS Hibiscus1Papahl
LANS Honeycomb1Chef Bear
LANS Link1Walrus
LANS Right Arrow1Graveyard
LANS Stick1User:ThisIsLiz/Sandbox
LANS Up Arrow1Fishing Hole
LANS X1Cave at Toronbo Shores
LANS Y1Cave at Toronbo Shores
MM B1Bubble Blast
MM C Down1Inventory
MM C Left1Inventory
MM C Right1Inventory
MM3D Day1Data:Translations/MM3D/Locations
NL Gamepad1Monita
OoA Stink Bag1Stuffed-Up Tokay
OoA Tasty Meat1Stuffed-Up Tokay
OoS Megaphone1Talon's Cave
OoS Mushroom1Talon's Cave
SMM2 Left Stick1Bomb
SMM2 Up Arrow1Bomb
SMM2 Y1Bomb
SSHD Arrow Up1Data:Translations/SSHD/Locations
SSHD Map X1Waterfall Cave
TP R1Inventory
TPHD Control Pad Down1Collection Screen
TPHD D-Pad Down1Letters
TPHD D-Pad Up1Mansion Map
TPHD Down Arrow1Mansion Map
TPHD GamePad1Hylian Hornet
TPHD L Stick Right Animation1Barnes
TPHD L Stick Vertical Animation1Mansion Map
TPHD L1Jaggle
TPHD Right Stick Click1Hylian Hornet
TPHD Right Stick1Hylian Hornet
TPHD Up Arrow1Mansion Map
TotK D-Pad Down1Tips and Tricks
TotK D-Pad Up1Tips and Tricks
TotK Down Arrow1Chief's Hall
TotK L Stick Down1Tips and Tricks
TotK L Stick1Tips and Tricks
TotK Left Arrow1Chief's Hall
TotK Minus1Tips and Tricks
TotK R Stick1Tips and Tricks
TotK R1Tips and Tricks
TotK ZL1Tips and Tricks