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The Tokay Cafe is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Features and Overview

The Tokay Cafe is a hut on the very southeastern corner of Crescent Island, in the present. The Stuffed-Up Tokay prepares all of the Island's meals inside the Cafe. It consists of a single, roughly circular room, with two firepits in the back.

It is here that Link may trade the Stink Bag to the Stuffed-Up Tokay for the Tasty Meat, as part of the Trading Sequence.

Just outside the Tokay Cafe is another Tokay. When spoken to, they will comment to Link about his deeds in Tokay Cave in the past, believing it to be the work of a tailless Tokay.[2]

The Tokay Cafe has no equivalent building in the past. Instead, a lone Tokay stands at the Island's southeastern corner, who also comments on the Tokay Cave.[3]


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  1. In Oracle of Ages, ´ is used as an internal shortcut character, and would render as "Tokay" should it be presented in-game.


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