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South Clock Town is an area of Clock Town in Majora's Mask.[1]

In Majora's Mask 3D, South Clock Town has been altered significantly from its original appearance. The area is greatly expanded and features a larger plaza, symmetrical stairways along the sides of the Clock Tower and most notably the Clock Town Bank, which has been relocated from its original position in West Clock Town.


Clock Town Business Scrub

A Business Scrub sits in his private Yellow Deku Flower. He wants to leave town because of the Moon, but cannot just leave his property there. If Link gives him a Moon Tear for his wife, he'll give Link the Deku Flower in return.

Happy Mask Salesman

Main article: Happy Mask Salesman

The Happy Mask Salesman stands inside the Clock Tower for the duration of the game, and wants nothing more than to get Majora's Mask back.

Carnival Committee

Mutoh spends most of his time in South Clock Town making sure that the bridge to the Clock Tower is finished in time and properly. He does not have much respect for his workers, who all run off by the eve of the Carnival of Time due to the Moon's impending crash.

Features and Overview

South Clock Town is the first place many people visiting Clock Town will enter, and is also home to the legendary Clock Tower. This region of Clock Town is unique, as it has an entrance to every other section of the town, and the Laundry Pool.

A Piece of Heart is found near the Clock Tower's top entrance. Link can also retrieve his Ocarina of Time back at the top of the tower at the end of the three-day cycle. With the Ocarina back in his possession, he can also lift the curse placed on him by the Skull Kid, and obtain the Deku Mask inside the tower.


Clock Tower

Main article: Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is located in the center of Clock Town and plays a key role in the story of Majora's Mask. The tower holds the only known portal between Hyrule and Termina, which, once entered in the beginning of the game, remains inaccessible afterward.

At midnight on the day of the Carnival of Time every year, the Clock Tower reveals stairs to the roof, allowing people to climb to the top and make prayers to the gods.[2] On the Final Day at midnight, the stairs drop down, allowing Link to face the Skull Kid. This is also the path to the Moon, which is made by Majora's Mask, and can only be used when the Four Giants are released.

Clock Town Bank

Main article: Clock Town Bank

In Majora's Mask 3D, the bank is located in South Clock Town instead of West Clock Town, and is inside an alcove embedded into the Clock Tower itself. The bank allows Link to keep up with a bank account and deposit his Rupees before playing the "Song of Time," which causes the young hero to lose all of his earnings accumulated during the three-day cycle. He can make deposits and withdrawals in any of his forms, whether it be as a Hylian, Deku Scrub, Goron, or Zora; however, during the night, there is a 4 Rupee service charge on withdrawals.[3] Once Link accumulates 5,000 Rupees in his account, the bank will take no more deposits.[4] Interest is awarded whenever Link's saving account reaches 1,000 Rupees.


Names in Other Regions
クロックタウン (南) (Kurokku Taun [Minami]) (MM)[6]Clock Town [South]
Cadranbourg-Sud (MM3D)[8] 
The French Republic
Sud de Bourg-Clocher (MM3D)[7]South of Clock Town
The Italian Republic
Cronopoli Sud (MM3D)[9]South Clock Town
Latin America
Sur de la Ciudad Reloj (MM3D)[5]South of the Clock City
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