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The Nuun Highlands are plains in Oracle of Ages.[1] They are located just north of Lynna City. These highlands appear only in the present, as Ambi's Palace takes their place in the past. The only notable location in the area is the Mask Shop, just outside Lynna City. The area is mostly inhabited by Buzz Blobs.


The Carpenters building the bridge across the river

The landscape of the Highlands changes depending on which animal companion Link is paired with (and given his respective flute) in his adventures; either Dimitri, Moosh or Ricky. In each case, Link will be unable to navigate the area without his animal companion, to which the area suits his abilities:

If Link meets Ricky, the highlands feature high cliffs and ledges unnavigable without Ricky's jumping ability.
If Link meets Dimitri, the highlands become flooded with waterfalls and strong currents. Link will be unable to traverse the area without Dimitri's swimming ability, even after obtaining the Zora's Flippers and Mermaid Suit.
If Link meets Moosh, the highlands become littered with pitfalls, which Link can cross with the help of Moosh's flying ability. Link cannot navigate the area alone, even with the Roc's Feather.

In order to reach Symmetry Village, Link must pass through the Nuun Highlands and cross the bridge spanning the river. When Link first arrives at the bridge, it will only be partially completed. Standing near the unfinished bridge will be Mutoh, the leader of the lazy Carpenters. The head carpenter will explain that all his workers have "gone on break", and have yet to return.[2] With the help of his animal companion, Link is able to navigate the rough terrain of the Highlands and locate the three workers, who will then complete the bridge and leave the area.[3]



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
ヌーンこうげん (Nūn Kōgen)Nuun Plateau
The French Republic
Plaines Nuun 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Altopiano Nuun[4]Nuun Plateau
The Kingdom of Spain
Sierra Nuun 
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  3. "If you can get all three of those slackers back here, we can get to work on this bridge. But the terrain around here is too rough, so you can't manage it on your own." — Mutoh (Oracle of Ages)
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