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Natzu is a region in Oracle of Seasons whose landscape varies to suit the Animal Companion Link befriends.[1] It is the Holodrum counterpart of the Nuun Highlands in Oracle of Ages.

Features and Overview

Unlike the Nuun Highlands, the name of the region itself is variable:

Though the precise locations vary, Natzu always has the same three caves, which contain:

Link initially enters Natzu via Holodrum Plain to the west. Link traverses Natzu in order to reach Sunken City to the east. The Moblin's Keep is located in eastern Natzu next to Sunken City.

The region is in a perpetual Spring. It has no Tree Stump with which to change the Season.


Natzu is derived from ナッツ (Nattsu), which is part of the Japanese name for Deku Scrubs, デクナッツ (Deku Nattsu). This may be in reference to the lone Deku Scrub who resides in one of the caves.

Names in Other Regions
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