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Holodrum Plain is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is part of the vast land of Holodrum. The mid-western plain includes the home of Mrs. Ruul and the location where Link first meets Ricky. It is also the location of the Round Jewel. Holodrum Plain is mainly used as a thoroughfare when first accessing Spool Swamp and Tarm Ruins. The area becomes accessible to Link once he obtains the Power Bracelet from Snake's Remains, which allows him to remove an obstruction in North Horon and cross a bridge west onto the plain.


The Holodrum Plain has a narrow and rectangular geographical shape that ranges from north to south. At the northern edge there is a small enclave, Ricky's Home, where Link meets Ricky for the first time. The middle section is bordered by a solid line of trees to the west and a body of water to the east. It is also littered with pitfalls; Link will require Ricky's help to jump them at first, until he acquires the Roc's Feather. The peninsular, southern end of the plain features Mrs. Ruul's Villa and a patch of soil inside a ring of grass that must be dug up with the Shovel. From the Villa, a path leads back up the plain on the other side of the tree line to a cliff which Link can jump with Ricky's help. Once he obtains the Power of Summer, he can also climb up by the vines that grow on the cliff face. The aforementioned path leads up to a crossroads, with Spool Swamp to the west and Tarm Ruins to the north. The path continues up to Tarm Ruins.

At the tip of the peninsula there is a staircase which leads down to the water. From here, Link can swim west to a cave on the peninsula's front. There is a Treasure Chest inside this cave which contains the Octo Ring. Swimming further west of the cave brings Link to the southeastern corner of Spool Swamp. Directly east of the stairs is a small, secluded area an Old Man made his home inside a tree hollow. After completing Unicorn's Cave, the Old Man gives Link the Round Jewel.[2] Swimming north of this area leads to North Horon and Gnarled Root Dungeon. Even further north is a small island where a second patch of soil lies hidden beneath the grass.

Just before the staircase there are three saplings lined up from north to south. Burning the southernmost with Ember Seeds reveals the entrance to an Old Man's hidden cave. The Old Man charges Link 100 Rupees to fix his "door."[3]



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Pianura Holodrum[4]Same as English.
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