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North Hyrule Plain is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

North Hyrule Plain is located in the northwestern corner of Hyrule Field, directly bordered by the Breach of Demise to the south. The Hilltop High Road also runs along its western side. The Royal Ancient Lab Ruins can be found on the Plain.

There are a total of two Korok Seed Puzzles on North Hyrule Plain. The first can be solved by rolling a Boulder down into a hole in the southeastern area of the Plain. The second is a Cube Pattern on the Plain's east side. Once each of these Puzzles have been solved, a Korok will appear and give Link a Korok Seed.[3]


Minor Enemies


Tears of the Kingdom

Related Quests

As in Breath of the Wild, the North Hyrule Plain is located in Hyrule Field. To the north it borders Salari Hill and Irch Plain, and to the west and south it borders Lindor's Brow, Ludfo's Bog and the Breach of Demise. To its east sit the Regencia River and Carok Bridge. Following the Upheaval, a Geoglyph has appeared in the Plain.[4] Fallen Debris now litter the landscape as well, and a lone Fallen Ruin has fallen in the Geoglyph's path. The Sinakawak Shrine and North Hyrule Plain Cave also appeared after the Upheaval. At some point, the Serenne Stable moved south to North Hyrule Plain after a new road was built west of Carok Bridge, adopting the name of New Serenne Stable in the process.[5]

A Battle Talus has planted itself beside the road atop the hill west of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins in the Plain. North of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, the Plain features a wetland biome. An unmarked stone road leads north from the Ruins into this biome. There is a Monster Outpost here with a lit Cooking Pot. Beside the largest pond of water, there is a Busted Wagon that can be searched for Materials.

In order to uncover clues about the missing Zelda's location, Impa and Cado traveled here to investigate the newly-formed Geoglyph.[4] To view the Geoglyph as a whole, Impa borrowed a Balloon from Purah.[6] However, a strong wind tore her contraption apart as she took to the air and she was left with no means to repair it.[7]

A screenshot of Link and Impa in a Balloon.
Link and Impa in her Balloon

As part of the "Impa and the Geoglyphs" Main Quest, Link can help her reassemble her aircraft with the Ancient Power Ultrahand. Upon Link doing so, Impa will thank him and offer a ride in the aircraft to view the Geoglyph.[8] When a Fire is lit inside the contraption, Impa and Link will fly into the Sky above the Geoglyph.[9] Despite feeling a sense of vertigo,[10] Impa recounts Kakariko Village's written records related to the Geoglyph and Dragon's Tears.[11] She asks for Link's help with investigating what the Dragon's Tears are and suggests using their vantage point to identify it.[12]

This Dragon's Tear can be found in the left eye of the Geogylph. When it is examined, Link's Recall Ancient Power activates and the Dragon's Tear rises into the air and shows Link the "Where Am I?" Memory. After Link views this Memory, Impa appears beside him and asks him of what he saw. Upon hearing the details of the Memory, she muses that they must all be related to Zelda's disappearance.[13] She then invites him to the Forgotten Temple in Tanagar Canyon where they may find out more information, beginning the Main Quest "The Dragon's Tears".[14]



After "The Dragon's Tears" begins


Monster Outpost northeast of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins




Zonai Devices

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest
-1450, 1003, 0142

Atop the small tower near the Battle Talus

Treasure ChestContentsCoordinatesNotes
-1450, 1003, 0142

Atop the small tower near the Battle Talus

Korok Seeds

-1287, 0897, 0099

In the teardrop shape on the hand of the Geoglyph

-1076, 1280, 0122

Beneath the large Tree in the wetlands beside Irch Plain

-1287, 0897, 0099

In the teardrop shape on the hand of the Geoglyph

-1076, 1280, 0122

Beneath the large Tree in the wetlands beside Irch Plain


North Hyrule Plain shares its name with Hyrule Field in Japanese.

Names in Other Regions
北ハイラル平原 (Kita Hairaru Heigen)North Hairaru Plain
Latin America
Llanura de Hyrule norte[15]Same as English.
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