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Geoglyphs,(TotK)[1] also known as Giant Pictures,(TotK)[2] are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series. Geoglyphs go unnamed in Four Swords Adventures.

Location and Uses

Four Swords Adventures

At the entrance to the Desert of Doubt, a large Geoglyph depicting a Bird is inscribed in the Sand.

Tears of the Kingdom

In the ancient past, the Geoglyphs were created surrounding the Dragon's Tears by individuals who viewed their Memories.[3] After retiring as chief of Kakariko Village, Impa began to study old Books that mentioned Geoglyphs.[4][5] When the Upheaval began, the Geoglyphs became visible once more, resulting in Impa and Cado leaving Kakariko Village to investigate them.[1]

During the "Impa and the Geoglyphs" Main Quest, Impa wishes to view the Geoglyph on the North Hyrule Plain, but her Balloon has become detached from its Basket.[6] After Link fixes her Hot-Air Balloon, Impa invites him to join her in looking down at the Geoglyph.[7] Once they are in the air, Impa encourages Link to look for the Geoglyph's Dragon's Tear.[8] At the beginning of "The Dragon's Tears" Main Quest, Impa, Cado, and Link discover the Floor Map within the Forgotten Temple, which depicts the locations of all of the Geoglyphs.[9] Impa then tasks Link will finding the remaining 10 Geoglyphs and witnessing the Memories from their Dragon's Tears.[10][11]

List of Geoglyphs

Geoglyph Subject Location

North Hyrule Plain

Ancient Hyrule Castle
Tabantha Hills

Purah Pad
Trilby Valley

East Batrea Lake

Sapphia's Table

Illumeni Plateau

Gerudo Scimitar
Cape Cresia

Demon King Ganondorf
North Tabantha Snowfield

Secret Stone
Talus Plateau

Sonia's grave
Mount Faloraa

Master Sword
Deplian Badlands South


Names in Other Regions
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