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The Purah Pad is an Item in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses

The Purah Pad is a device created by the Sheikah researchers, Purah and Robbie, to be used by adventurers.[1] It was developed after Robbie moved to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to assist Purah with her research. Robbie is upset that it is not named after him, despite his contributions to its development.[2] It has a thin, tablet-like design, with gold and crimson colorations. The back has a camera lens decorated with a Crest of the Sheikah, reminiscent of Purah's glasses. Instructions for the base features of the Purah Pad can be found in the Purah Pad Manual, in Purah's office at Lookout Landing. Robbie's Fabric's design is based on the Purah Pad's UI for the Hyrule Compendium.

At the beginning of Tears of the Kingdom, the Purah Pad is in Zelda's possession. She uses it to capture photos of the Zonai Ruins Beneath Hyrule Castle. When she is transported through time to the distant past during the "The Awakening" Memory, the Purah Pad is brought with her. In the Era of Myth, Mineru studies the Purah Pad in an effort to adapt its Warping capability to the new setting.[3] Due to its prominence in the "Mineru's Counsel" Memory, the Purah Pad is depicted by the Geoglyph at Trilby Valley.

After the Imprisoning War, Mineru uses her powers as the Sage of Spirit to implant her soul into the Purah Pad.[4] Zelda then entrusts the Purah Pad to a Steward Construct, to be given to Link in the future.[5][6] Following his encounter with Ganondorf, Link awakens on the Great Sky Island. Upon reaching the Garden of Time, he speaks to the Steward Construct and receives the Purah Pad.

Basic Functions

The Purah Pad possesses features similar to that of the Sheikah Slate from Breath of the Wild. In addition to a modified version of the Map, Scope, Camera, and Hyrule Compendium, it also contains a Character Profiles section, which details important people in Link's journey, although this feature is unavailable until he encounters a character with an entry after completing the Great Sky Island. The Adventure Log is accessed via the Purah Pad as well. It can be used to Warp to activated Travel Points, after Link attempts to open the door in the Temple of Time for the first time. The Purah Pad is also used on Terminals to activate Skyview Towers. It is then used after the first launch from each Skyview Tower to scan the surrounding terrain to create the Surface and Sky Maps. The Purah Pad is also used in various Side Quests across Hyrule. Many of them require Link to bring someone an picture of a specific subject, such as a Sinkhole, a lake at a certain time, or a view from a particular location.

Repairs and Upgrades

When Link initially obtains the Purah Pad, the Camera and Hyrule Compendium are unavailable.[7] In order to restore both functions, Link must assist Robbie and Josha through the "Camera Work in the Depths" Main Quest. During this quest, Robbie is shocked to learn that Link hasn't made use of the Camera yet.[8] When Link later speaks to Robbie next to Iayusus Lightroot, he will ask to see the Purah Pad for a moment, and upon closer investigation, Robbie realizes that the Camera and Hyrule Compendium are locked. He unlocks both features for Link, and directs him to use the Camera to take a picture of the nearby Statue That Points the Way.[9][10][11][12] After the pair returns to Lookout Landing, Link shows Josha the picture in the Purah Pad's Album, completing "Camera Work in the Depths".

Following this, Robbie will inform Link that he has some additional plans for improvements to the Purah Pad, and that as soon as he is finished assisting Josha with her study of the Depths, he plans to head back to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab so he can continue his own research.[13] After the completion of "A Mystery in the Depths" and the start of the "Hateno Village Research Lab" Side Adventure, Robbie returns to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[14] There, Link can speak with him to receive the Sensor and use it to locate Mayahisik Shrine nearby.[15] After Link has discovered the Shrine of Light and reported back to Robbie, "Hateno Village Research Lab" will be completed. Robbie then tells Link that he has more features planned for the Purah Pad, but that he needs more data to perfect them first.[16]

By speaking to Robbie after this, Link can begin the Side Adventures, "Presenting: The Travel Medallion!", "Presenting: Hero's Path Mode!", and "Presenting: Sensor +!". During these, Link must obtain certain data for Robbie, such as the locations of Shrines of Light. Bringing the requested data to Robbie will allow him to add the Travel Medallion, Hero's Path Mode, and the Sensor + to the Purah Pad. After all three Side Adventures have been completed, Robbie will declare that both the Purah Pad and Link are perfect.[17]


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
プルアパッド (Purua Paddo)Purua Pad
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
普爾亞平板 (Pǔěr Yà Píngbǎn)Purua Tablet
The People's Republic of China
普尔亚平板 (Pǔěr Yà Píngbǎn)Purua Tablet
Tablette Pru'haPru'ha Tablet
The French Republic
Tablette Pru'haPru'ha Tablet
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Tavoletta di PrunaPruna's Tablet
The Republic of Korea
프루아패드 (Peurua Paedeu)Peurua Pad
The Kingdom of Spain
Tableta de PruniaPrunia's Tablet
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