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Mineru is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.[7] She is the Sage of Spirit and, alongside her younger brother Rauru, one of the last remaining Zonai in Hyrule.[8]


In the distant past, the Zonai king Rauru founded the Kingdom of Hyrule with Sonia, a Hylian priestess. Like Rauru, Mineru inherited a Secret Stone from her ancestors.[9][10] However, by the time of Rauru's reign, he and Mineru were the only Zonai remaining,[8] the rest having perished.[11]

During Rauru's reign, while the kingdom flourished, Mineru danced while Rauru sang at a celebration, as recorded on an Ancient Tablet by a royal Chamberlain.[12] Mineru frequently spent so much time reading books that she would forget to eat, researching and creating Constructs, particularly one that could hold her spirit if her body failed.[13] It is not clear if Mineru was solely responsible for the invention of the Constructs, but they were at the very least created while she and Rauru were alive.[14]

Mineru when meeting Zelda in her study.

After Zelda arrived in the past, Rauru believed Mineru might be able to assist Zelda return to her home era.[15] Upon meeting Zelda, Mineru expressed interest in the Purah Pad and held onto it for research, intending to restore its travel functionality.[16] Mineru posited that the Secret Stone Zelda found allowed her to travel through time; though she sensed Zelda had both light and time powers, the Secret Stone amplified the time power.[17] However, since Zelda lacked full control over her time power to return home, Mineru thought of another method, remembering stories of the forbidden act of Draconification: "To swallow a secret stone is to become an immortal dragon... one blessed with eternal life." However, remembering that the act was forbidden because it would cause one to lose their sense of self, Mineru discounted this as a way to help Zelda.[18] Rauru suggested that Zelda learning to hone her power with Sonia could help solve the problem instead.[19]

While living in the past, Zelda visited Mineru with the Chamberlain. Mineru showed them her greatest Construct, and Zelda wanted to try riding it. Although the Chamberlain objected, Zelda nevertheless rode upon its shoulders, which amused the Chamberlain.[20]

Some time later, after Ganondorf slew Sonia and stole her Secret Stone to become the Demon King, Rauru gathered with Mineru, Zelda, and the leaders of the Gerudo, Goron, Zora and Rito tribes at the Forgotten Temple. Knowing they would have to face the Demon King, Mineru offered support from her and the others to Rauru.[21] The four leaders received their Secret Stones and became Sages,[22] and alongside Mineru (the Sage of Spirit) and Zelda (the Sage of Time) swore to serve Rauru.[23]

Mineru after being poisoned by Gloom

The Sages confronted Demon King Ganondorf, but failed to stop him, so Rauru sacrificed himself to seal Ganondorf for millennia. Although she and the other Sages survived, Mineru was gravely damaged by his Gloom in the battle and knew that her body would not last much longer. Resting in her study, Zelda brought her the Decayed Master Sword that had traveled through time.[24] When Zelda told her that the Master Sword could heal itself over time,[25] Mineru replied that it would take an impossibly long time to do so.[26] Mineru initially objected to Zelda's suggestion of draconifying herself to bathe the sword in sacred power,[27] but upon Zelda's insistence agreed to do what she could to assist Link in the far future, acknowledging that she bore some responsibility as a Zonai.[28]

Wanting to be ready for the future, Zelda and Mineru created a plan to raise the Temple of Time into the Sky so that it would be safe for Link in the distant future. The Chamberlain also asked Mineru to raise the Ancient Tablets so that they would be preserved for the future.[29] Mineru herself wrote information on the Sages and a clue on where to find Zonai Relic on Stone Slabs at what would later become the Ring Ruins.[30] Mineru's spirit entered the Purah Pad, which Zelda gave to the care of a Steward Construct before swallowing her Secret Stone to become the Light Dragon.[31] The other Sages, possibly including Mineru[note 1] elevated the Temple of Time and the land surrounding it, creating the Great Sky Island, as well as raising the Chamberlain's Ancient Tablets.[32][33] Mineru's spirit then remained dormant in the Purah Pad for millennia.

Mineru originally intended to awake as soon as Link found the Purah Pad, and guide him to a pre-built Crafter Construct.[34] However, the Demon King's magic possessed it, creating the Seized Construct.[35][36] Mineru thus waits for Link to discover the Zonai Relic stored on Dragonhead Island so that Link can take it to the Construct Factory and build a new body for her. Upon doing so, she guides him to complete the new Construct.[37]

When Mineru's Construct is complete, she guides Link to the Spirit Temple in her new Construct body.[38] Although the path through the Depths contains many Monsters and obstacles, they make use of Mineru's Construct to overcome them.[39] Upon descending into the Temple, they are ambushed by the Seized Construct. Mineru is surprised but resolves that they must defeat it.[40]

Mineru greets Link in spirit form.

After the defeat of the Seized Construct, Mineru regains her Secret Stone and adds it to her Construct. Her spirit materializes to Link and grants him the Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit through the Right Arm. This allows her to follow and aid Link by storing her Construct in the Purah Pad.[41] She then explains her role in the Imprisoning War through the Memory "The Imprisoning War".

If Link has already re-obtained the Master Sword, Mineru will acknowledge this when explaining Zelda's resolve towards it[42] and how it appeared in the past.[43] Zelda's resolve to draconify herself and restore the Master Sword is then explained through the "Critical Decisions" Memory. If Link has the Master Sword, Mineru once again acknowledges this;[44] if Link has already began the "Recovering the Hero's Sword" Main Quest by speaking to the Great Deku Tree but has not yet obtained it, she tells him to take the next step;[45] and if he has not done so at all, she will instruct him to meet with "the sacred tree of this era," the Deku Tree.[46] In any case, Mineru then encourages him to go and defeat the Demon King with the legendary weapon. [47] This will begin the "Trail of the Master Sword" Main Quest, though it will automatically complete if Link has already spoken to the Deku Tree.

Mineru will continue to remain in her Construct in the Spirit Temple, though she also warps with Link when he is travelling and has the Vow of Mineru active. When Link reaches Gloom's Origin, Mineru will help fight the Demon King's Army alongside any other awakened Sages, wanting to atone for her failure to defeat the Demon King the first time.[48] Afterwards, the Bosses from each Temple reappear, but any awakened Sage will keep it occupied for Link, with Mineru confronting the Seized Construct once again. (Any uncleared Dungeons must have their Bosses defeated otherwise.) After Link defeats Demon King Ganondorf's first form, the Sages assist him battling his second form and his Phantom Ganons, but upon losing half of the second phase's health he will unleash a shockwave of Gloom incapacitating them for the rest of the battle.

Some time after the Demon Dragon is defeated and the Light Dragon is restored back to Zelda's original form, the six Sages, Purah and Link gather outside the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island at Mineru's request. Mineru sheds her Construct, allowing it to fall apart, and returns to spirit form, glad to bring the others there.[49] She theorizes that it was Rauru and Sonia's light and time powers working together, channeled through Link, that were able to restore Zelda back.[50] She begins to fade away, acknowledging that her time has come[51] and assuring Zelda that she is no longer needed, her era's burden now overcome, safely able to join Rauru and the other spirits.[52] After the other Sages attempt to recite the Sages' Vow to Zelda, Mineru remarks that Rauru and Sonia will be happy to know of this,[53] and promises to tell them how much Zelda cares.[54] Thanking the others, her spirit fades into the sky.


Mineru (ミネル) may be derived from Minerva – in Japanese usually represented as ミネルウァ (Mineruwa) – the Roman goddess of wisdom and counterpart to the Greek Athena. The Owl of Minerva is a common symbol for wisdom, and the Zonai similarly used owls to represent the Triforce of Wisdom;[55] this Zonai owl imagery is seen on Mineru's helm, the head of her construct, at the Tobio's Hollow Chasm, and throughout the Spirit Temple.

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